38 thoughts on “10 dramatic images from tragic dive boat fire off Santa Barbara coast”

  1. Funny thing, my dad was a dive instructor in Santa Barbara and he used to dive of the same exact boat for years. He said he was shocked when it happened because it was super safe. The crew slept on the top and the passengers slept below deck. There were a lot of birthdays that night and I think most of the passengers were drunk and a fire started. There is only one passage from below deck to upper deck and my dad says they all became trapped. So the crew could not do anything and they had to save themselves. Again my dad was a dive instructor on this boat for 3 years. Very sad to see what happened.

  2. well, califas once has the many mighty growling grizz, abundant with the salmon and the flora and the fauna. even the golden trinkets, and baubles. but then the messicans came. just kiddin. then the leftists decided they run not only logic nature and human consciousness, but all conceivable elements of right and wrong. so that drama went from hollywoods creative and educationally enlightening entertainment, to the slop they serve now. its a mighty desperate crew, that feasts on slop, they say.

  3. Did anyone onboard have a working or personal relationship with anyone connected to the Clinton crime family? Epstein CANNOT be the only loose end that needs tying, before the crooked old one waddles her way into the 2020 race.

  4. Let me get this right. The crew abandoned ship in another boat and let their clients burn to death, COWARDS!

  5. Full solidarity with Lebanon and its resistance in the face of isreali provocations, aggression and terror. isreali occupation forces used white phosphorus bombs in the shelling of the northern areas of Lebanon.

  6. Suspicious 🤔 tanks exploded? Fire extinguisher? Crew survives and Capt didn't go down with ship? Improper storage of gas? 🤔 Mighty suspicious.
    RIP divers 🥽🌼

  7. That canoe should've been maxed with 5 people, now you are telling me that this chalupa had an under deck? how in the FK they were even sleeping there?

  8. I just don’t understand how a 75 foot that boat can sleep for 40 people. They had to have been packed in there like sardines

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