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🌱Rusty. (artist block !) « Sketchbook Story Sunday

🌱Rusty. (artist block !) « Sketchbook Story Sunday

hi it’s been a long time since I’ve been on Pyperbleu and I’m excited to start things up again kind of I’m going to be really busy for school hopefully it’s not another two and a half months before the next time I’m back. yeah. this was the last sketchbook story- November sometime.. it’s a big jump I know I was- I had an idea to just look through my camera roll and oh yeah this is my yeah this is my wallpaper. so I had an idea to look through my camera roll and find some photos that I loved I don’t delete my photos so I have so
much spam I need to get through. also excuse my shadow. this is the setup of my sketchbook table and the only way I can get my camera to stay up but in the future I’m definitely going to have like one of those fancy tripods that can do bird’s-eye shots.. okay see I already feel like my lines are getting too tight like I’m being way too controlling now. she looks like the grumpy cat haha so the first thing I’m going to draw is a ski slope because during winter session, RISD has this club where for a very discounted rate compared to how much it normally costs to go skiing, you can go skiing for a day. and every week there’s a different mountain and you go as a club on a private charter bus and then everything is included in the fee unless you need to rent so my friend Kat and I went it was in my weekly vlog so you can check that out it was so fun and it was a very lovely and cold day but just beautiful and I basically stayed on green the whole time. I found that Green was the most comfortable and blues got me a little bit scared and even though Kat has not skied in over three years, and she’s only skied once before this- she’s basically my level if not better, so I think I’m just a little bit more timid when it comes to learning anything physical. if it has a learning curve. I don’t imagine I’d ever be really good at snowboarding. so this was only blue slope that we liked. I forgot what it was called.. hold on… it was called oblivion. and all of these thick trees in the beginning were all caped in snow and it was so beautiful and during this one moment, a bunch of skiers came down all at once, and they were wearing different colors and it was such a cute moment with all these tiny little shapes cascading down the snow, but by the time I pulled out my phone, they were all gone. so what I love about these pens is how much control you have over the line weight and this is nothing special. we always link the materials used in the description but this is BIC. you can find that most places I think.. staples or something and you can get like 20 or 50 for like a couple dollars. January 18th then winter session, basically I feel
like I explained this too much so sorry if it’s repetitive for some, but, we have a five-week term here at RISD for taking non major electives and really lets you have the time to dedicate everything to that one class and you can take liberal arts or studios, I think that’s why we only have a two-week winter break, because after winter term there’s one week between that and spring, so technically there’s like three weeks of vacation if you add that together. this house that I’m drawing right now is in Newport because William and I went at the very last weekend of my winter term and we went house watching. I don’t– I feel like house watching sounds like we’re stalkers, I meant like driving past really cute New England style homes because we’re both from Northern California and colonial styles and Georgian styles and Victorian styles they’re all just very easy on the eyes and I love looking at them. this was also in a vlog so you can see our day there but I was saying how I loved this house because the porch is enclosed with window panes. and a lot of houses I’ve noticed in Rhode Island have that and I just really want that! I never see that in California it’s just so amusing to me and I feel like there’s so much opportunity as well with having that extra interior space of an enclosed porch, you can hang out fairy lights or put in nice potted plants and not worry about it blowing away or like I don’t know getting rained on and snowed on, so I just I love that. so I dug out, from the back of my closet, this beanie with cat ears that I had for three-four years and I haven’t worn it since freshman year because I’ve been wearing those ready ear muffs that do me so good because they’re so effective but I decided to change things up there and I really liked this hat. I was wearing my matching black parka and went to the last day of winter session in that hat but then I’m like really nervous drawing this face, even though normally I don’t know it’s hit or miss with me.. like I’m still not completely sure how to draw myself and my proportions so I do not look like myself at all I didn’t represent myself nicely but it’s not time to be stressed out about that. it’s like the eyes, like I didn’t draw them right and then I made the pupils too big because I normally make the pupils extra
small and then I enlarge them but this tip just.. bleh. I feel like I had these two
really nostalgic ghostly sketches here and then this random portrait just came in! I’m just gonna move on, finish the whole page and then judge. I kind of regret coloring the background, I feel like that’s what did it, but I felt like it the next drawing I’m gonna make of the view that we had. Tyler and I went to a hotel for one night down in Clearwater, Florida and it was like an hour-and-a-half Drive I’m gonna show that in the vlog that I’m gonna edit soon. that’s my attempt to make a little sunset out of these two colors that I have available to me and then the hotel is kind of pinkish but I don’t have that color so I’m gonna just line it and get that you get the idea. so when we got there it was right when the sun was about to set because I was publishing a video so we stayed in for half an hour while I was writing subtitles and then afterwards we had time to go across the street to the beach and realize the water was so cold. all right this is really really random, this wall is just blank. February… 9th. the composition is kind of getting away from me but I’m gonna add a big picture for the last thing on this entry, and I’m gonna draw this still from a poem video that I made back in November, I had a really lovely afternoon beach lunch with myself. okay I made myself way too small compared to the basket. this is sometimes why it’s bad to freehand everything, but..okay the poem is about a lot of things but mainly being introspective and the mental struggles of living in the present. yeah I made a big mistake adding color to this I think, I feel like this whole drawing would have looked better I didn’t add any color but I mean that’s also just playing it safe like if everything was this, I know it would look good but I wanted to try adding something. these things happen.. these things happen and I don’t want to censor myself and give that impression that everything you do has to be just perfect or satisfactory or else you can’t go through with it. well, here I am making this video, putting it on here. I’ve liked most of my sketchbook stories so far but the reality is if you want to just have a sketchbook to have fun, there are going to be ‘ugly’ things. there’s gonna be stuff that ain’t it’s so cute, gotta have everything! all of it. yeah that’s part of the process so I really plan to revisit this because I want to make a cute little cartoon of that. oh all right great. here is the entry for today perhaps my most modest entry so far. I really love the first two of course it’s always easy drawing scenery as long as you have the line wait right and yeah I kind of just went down the drain as soon as I hated this portrait of myself. I do not look like myself.. it looks more like the Queen of England then it looks like me. you should not take you so personally
when it doesn’t go your way because, you know, your art comes
from you and if you don’t like this, just make something else that you like. it’s bound to happen, just keep going. don’t stop. that I want to say- that’s like what artists block is– how ironic that my camera died and cut me off like that while I was talking about artist block sketchbooks just always intimidate me, it’s not something I’m comfortable with and I always want to rip out my pages if
I suck but okay whatever how about right now I’m just going to celebrate what I do like. I love how I rendered these trees it makes me excited to draw more landscape, it looks almost like graphite and makes me want to draw with graphite. I know in the future once I’m out of school and all of that, I will be able to actually have so much fun on YouTube and put more time into being creative and being really passionate and stimulated by thinking about the videos I want to make instead of feeling like I’m so busy, but you haven’t posted in a while- so just post. be consistent. it’s just part of the process but it’s also something that stresses me out. sorry for rambling on it so long, I hope that you enjoyed this very arbitrary sketchbook story Sunday and we’ll see you very soon.. hopefully. for now have a great rest of your day, sending you my love, please take care of yourself, rest well and good bye!

28 thoughts on “🌱Rusty. (artist block !) « Sketchbook Story Sunday”

  1. Thank you for this video! It was very encouraging. It's nice to be reminded that sometimes we do things that aren't perfect or that don't satisfy us, but that's just how life is, and that's how we can improve! Take care 🙂

  2. I love sketching but am my biggest critic. I find it can be discouraging when artists such as yourself 🙂 diss your own work when, for many of us, it is better than anything we’ve ever done!

  3. Was like "wait thats annabelles voice"..i keep thinking its just her sisters channel😛i need to go through & delete most of my 5000 iphone photos too..ugh!

  4. Hey i really love the little portrait! Its so cute 🙂 also those landscapes just look amazing!!! You've inspired me to do more pen sketches!!

  5. perfectionism sucks man. i always feel the need to take out the pages that i don’t like in my sketchbook. i needed this video, thank you ♥️🍥🤎

  6. I feel like it’s so common for me and all artists to just sit down and do some quick ‘easy’ sketches and they don’t end up going to plan or matching the vision in your head. But more often that not I love looking back on those sketches and thinking about how they’re not so bad after all and it’s actually a really memory and a good feeling to just sketch wild and free without worrying too much about the end product.
    I always enjoy your entries, and I think you don’t give yourself enough credit sometimes. You’re doing really well!!! 😊❤️ I love listening to your thoughts as I often find myself thinking similar things or learn something new or find it thought provoking. I wish you well and I’m looking forward to your next entry whatever it may be 🙂 x

  7. YAY IT’S ANNABELLE! Thank you for not censoring yourself, and allowing us to enjoy all the facets of your art ✨

    These journal entries reminded me of my journal where I just regurgitate everything from the day (like how the grammar and the words look all jumbled up). It’s not really the the perfect aesthetics that really helps us remember, but those bold and memorable sentences/strokes that give us a sense of nostalgia.

    All the best for your final semester, Annabelle ✨

  8. I always like your art, though <3 and as you've said, it's part of the process. Sometimes you make stuff that you think is shit and that's ok 🙂 and I understand what you mean when it comes to YT, but at the same time, I think you are so genuine in your videos and that also attracts the same kind of genuine view rate. If you wanted to take it easy and focus on school for a bit, this doesn't seem like the type of community that would hold it against you. Anyway, I hope you have a great week with lots of sunshine! 😀

  9. sometimes art is just so hard. Im glad you keep going, watching this has reminded me that even my fave artists struggle to pump out masterpieces. Though I loved ur portrait. Hope ur day was good 🙂

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