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스키타고 술먹방하는 개꿀잼 브이로그!!⛷ 만취 주의..🍺

스키타고 술먹방하는 개꿀잼 브이로그!!⛷ 만취 주의..🍺

Hellllooooooooooo~ It’s your gal, MOVIE! (😉) Today’s! Video! is a video that I’ve never tried on YouTube so far I’m at a ski resort in Gangwon-do called, ‘Vivaldi Park’ (Giv her a round of applause peeps!! 👏👏👏)
YAYYY~~~!!! Seulgi: Um, please feature us too~~~ (My dear sistas who came with me today)
Helloo~~ (Bay By Heosulgi_Seulgi)
Who are you, who came with MOVIE today? I’m Bay By Heosulgi*’s Designer ‘Haim’~
*A hair salon in Seoul I’m Bay By Heosulgi’s Designer ‘Barbie’~ ✌ Helloo~~ HELLO! 🖐 So today will be the day that I’m going to ski for the 2nd time in 5 years! (When I have the chance) I think I’ll get a lesson & ski and all that good stuff. (The snowing ski resort) This is where I’ll rent the skiwear & gear and I’ll also be getting my lessons here! (Teehee!) (Choosing skiwear) (Pink princess 👸) (Disclosing the true colors(?) of our Designer Barbie! 🤗🤭) (Poor Haim’s nose, that’s crushed(?) by the ski goggle LOOOL)
Haim: I ca,,n’t,, breath,,e,, 😅😂😂 Ta-da~~ I’ve changed into flashy clothes like this!~ For the pants, I wore this sick, denim-like pants~ (MINT ✌👌) This is what the owner recommended to wear! (Too bad 😥) Unfortunately, I can’t ski with my camera on… (Sad lyfe) Sooo… From now on, I have to film with my phone camera! Byeeee~~~ Voila! (They say ‘A loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds… 🥰😋)
Before skiing, we are too hungry… so we want to fill our stomachs first! (Food comes first, skiing later 👌)
We’re at a food court-like place, and we’ll eat here! (Om nom nom-ing) (D e l i c i o u s 👌👌😋😋) (Taking the ski lesson) Come on!!! Try to go farther!! More!! Now~ Eyes to the front! (Geum MOVIE) (🎵T-Max – Paradise🎵)
Eyes to the front~~~ (Going up on a moving walkway) (😱😱) (This video is brought to you by…) (Pretending as if nothing happened lol)
Sometimes, the moving walkway pauses all of a sudden… And… it’s quite scary!! You know?? You know, there’s supposed to be this thing(?) you use to balance, right? (*She’s referring to a ski pole lol) (Sad MOVIE) (Sad endingz 😥)
My instructor… Took it away… (He) told me to ski without it… (Young-Hwa*! You got this… right?)
*MOVIE’s real name But! I skied once 5 years ago, (Ms. Young-Hwa Kim, who is very confident)
so I think I got the hang of it, you kno? 😎😏 (Hey there beginner course, Imma smash you soon~!)
So!! I’ll try to ski along the beginner course! (Our dear Barbie, who is always good for a laugh 🙌) I’m glad it’s snowing… But my face is freezing because of it… 🥶 HEY SNOW, PLS NO MORE… (I’ve had enough) (This resort serves some good dishz~ 🤗😋😋)
We’re… sooo hungry(?) so after a lap of the beginner course, we came to eat again.. 🤗 (😋😋😋) (Munch) (🤤🤤) Hmmm~~ Goood! 🤤 Fish cake! (Munch #2) (Hmm..) (Very delicious peeps) After the rice cake, I’m back at the beginner course! After a lap… Should I go for another lap? I’ll see after taking a lap! We’re actually… running out of time already 🙁 (Seulgi & Haim are snowboarding so I met them after my ski lesson!) (She’s) putting her feet in the board with passion… (🙌) (MOVIE Phelps) (🏊🏊) (Where is Seulgi…?) (LOOOOOL) (On my way to rescue my sista~) 3,2! Got it x 4!!! I’m good, eh?~ (Surprisingly, no one cared at all.)
(No one cares 🤗🤗) Hurry up~~ (MOVIE the Snail) Everyone, I’m going to be serious now. I’ll be heading down Bye! (Editor: Um, didn’t you say today’s video is a ‘ski resort vlog’?) (MOVIE: I mean, I worked out(?) so I have to drink! 😎) Hurry up~~ Ahhh~ (Everyone is so full of love!) Thanks for the meal~~ 😋 Go ahead and help yourselves~ (I get to have a wrap too…!) Whoa~~ !! Teehee (Munch) Ugh!!! That’s hot… (Meat after skiing tastes THE. BEST.) It’s all cooked~ (Party in my mouth…) You aren’t going to head in & sleep by yourself, are you? (✌) (First time trying it) Apparently, this is called, ‘soybean paste noodles’ Wowzer! (🤪😵) MOVIE: How are you feeling right now? Happy~ 😍 Hahaha!! lol Barbie: I want to ski… MOVIE: Wait, out of the blue!? I thought you said, “I WANNA GO HOME ASAP 😥🥶” before! Haim: (Tomorrow) Srsly, let’s go for the intermediate course!! INTERMEDIATE! (😮) (Intermediate you say…?)
Doesn’t it sound so fun!? (Eating the noodles that I forgot for a sec)
It’s my first time trying this~ this kind of noodle~ It’s good though, eh?! Yeah!! (Sluurrp) (My face grilled(?) while skiing 😅🥶)
This part (of my face) got waaayy too red… My chin too.. Haim: It’s amazing… MOVIE: What is? Haim: How are you so good at… (looking at the camera like that) Seulgi: Um, excuse me, miss! I’m good too! All you have to do is, this! (Please subscribe to ‘heo seulgi’ on YT! 😎) I’m a professional YouTuber too, you know!? Road to becoming a professional YouTuber! Horizontal, horizontal! Hello! MOVIE: But we got pretty close to each other, right~? (Got hurt because no one answered LOOL🩹🩹) Before!! x2 You talked to me casually because you were comfortable with me!
*Koreans either use honorifics or informal language (Hurt) Why are you… using honorifics again? Well then, three of you should talk casually! Haim: Yo, Young-Hwa!! (lol) (Happy MOVIE) LOOL 🤭😊 Haim: (Awks) Alright, I can’t go any further than this LOL [email protected] What’s going [email protected]? (LOOOOOOOOOL) (GASP) I’m sorry! I can’t allow this… Why~~ Please~ Talk to me casually Helloo… Young-Hwa… (LOOOL SO AWK) Let’s… be close friendz… 😅😅 Perhaps a ha… handshake will do?! (Officially confirmed) (@Wearefriendsnow_official) We’re going to get some groceries before heading to Seulgi’s place [email protected]@! (GCL members gathered) (Glutinous Corn Lovers)
Glutinous corn!!! x2 You know this is truly a goodie!!! GLUTINOUS CORN GLUTINOUS CORN IS BONNE BOUCHE!! GC for me~~ Haim: Oh, hello~~ Haim: Please give lots of love Haim: to my dear gorgeous MOVIE!
Barbie: HELLO Please giv her LOTS OF LOVE (Satisfied) LOOL MOVIE… is prettier irl! (You went too far) She’s… cuter in person l0l (LOOLOLOL)
What are you doing!! x2 (😅😅😅) (That face when she’s awkward) PLEASE EDIT THIS SCENE OUT Why… Whywhywhy~~! It’s gross(?)… (Got dissed right beside her l0l)
What do you mean it’s gross!! MY FACE IS GROSS!? HUT -! HUT -! Seulgi is from Hongcheon She was raised in Hongcheon~ so she lives very close to Vivaldi Park so we didn’t book to sleep at the resort but rather just sleep over at Seulgi’s place since we don’t have that many people as well~ Seulgi’s mother said she’s cooked lots of goodies for us too! Soo, we’ll be enjoying some delicacies~ (Cold ugh) Sleep for the night at Seulgi’s place! and apparently! lol She’ll take us on a tour for Hongcheon~ So! I think we’ll have some food & drink at a pork belly restaurant I think we’re getting hammered tonight! 🤭🍺 (Cute doggos welcoming us as soon as we got here) (Awww ❤❤)
Awwww~ Dear babies~~ Hellooo ↗ Hellooo ↗!! Awwwww!! Mama~~ You didn’t even say hi to me when I was at the hair salon!! Right~ When (people) come here~ (Cutie pies so excited to see their mommy)
Awww~ Y’all are happy doggos, aren’t you!? Hehe Huh? You are hurt because mommy didn’t give you a hug? Come hereeee~~ My baby doggo~~ ❤ (SOOO CUUUUTEEE!!) CUTEEEEEEE (They all left…) Barbie~~ Barbie~~ Hello! (Lemme get outta herez) (o_o) (Do I smell bad…?) (😥😥) (Sad lyfe) (I guess… I have no chance…) Oh my God… So good… Aromatic(?)! (Smells good~) (Alright, these hoomans are weird) (o_o) (Sad… Mommy.. 😥😥) No, like (Seulgi highly recommended to try it)
This is called ‘Wood-cultivated Ginseng wine’ It’s mix of a wood-cultivated ginseng + wine I’m not really good at eating… ginseng (Challenge accepted!)
But I’ll try one today! Cheers~ Bottoms up! (Smelling first) (O0O)!!!! (Uh oh) (This doesn’t look good) The smell… No.. NOO~~!! I ALREADY TOOK A SHOT It’s fine! Just go on and try once! 😏😈 -I did, thank you very much! 😊
-Nahh~~ Come on~ One more! -(🙄🙄) I think I know what it tastes like!
-(Good girl😈) Hey MOVIE~~ Come on MOVIE~~ (Fine…)
Dip your tongue in first! Do a taste test! Savor it! 1 2 3! (It’s actually much better than I thought!)
I only taste a subtle flavor of the ginseng! Isn’t it a bit sweet? Yeah!! It’s better than I thought! This~ is a pomegranate wine which is a mix of soju + pomegranate + honey?~ Pomegranate + honey… (Let me try it.)
Pomegranate honey wine~ (Bottoms-up!) It’s sweet… but [email protected] It’s actually sweet & bitter! (Overall rating of the pomegranate honey wine)
Sweet & bitter x2 !!! (Seulgi’s mother, who is making knife-chopped noodles all of a sudden)
Whoa!! What are you doing?! Are you making the actual noodles? -Whoa!! She’s making the actual noodles!
-WHOA!! Cool!! Dear mother, is this what you truly call, ‘Knife-chopped noodles?’ Mother, whoa… SO COOL My grandma uses a wooden roller instead and goes like!!! This!!! -She wraps around like this, and chops like this!(?)
-Hey, MOVIE! (Bad grandchild…)
Buy a machine for her then… Whoa~~ So cool! (Noodles, in!)
Whoa~~~~ Cool~~~ (The quality) The noodles are different~~~ It’s very supple & elastic! This is actually really cool… (👏👏👏) ♬ Hug me once more~ ♬ (Woof!) (Woof!)🤗
*Hong Jin-Young – Battery of Love ♬ You are everything to me~ ♬ ♬ I like you so much, I like you soo much! ♬ ♬ My one and only love, you are my only love~ ♬ ♬ I’m not tired, I’m not sad~ ♬ ♬ If I’m by your side~ ♬ ♬HAAAAA↗↗↗↗↗↗↗♬ ♬HAAAAA↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗↗♬ A total disaster LOL (We couldn’t handle our excitement, so we went to karaoke for round 3 🎤🎤) (Let’s say goodbye for a moment to our drunk MOVIE…) B..Bye~~ lol (I realized it was the morning when I regained consciousness LOL) (Ginseng for breakfast) GINSENG! Oh lord… I’m scared… No!! It’s good for you! Take one, boom! You’ll be sick-free for the entire year HURRY UP! (I’m fine with catching a cold…) (😣😣😣😣) IT’S GOOD FOR YOU 😈 Come on, are you like drinking poison or something? (LOOOOOOOOL)
Nope, you need to eat a LOT at once. No water!! Chew slowly!! 😈😈 (Daddy… I miss you…) Don’t puke after eating it! (Caught off guard!) SHOVE IT IN (Why am I crying…?)
You want this too~? This one~?We’re in Hongdae now~ We’re here to grab some dakgalbi*~
*Spicy stir-fried chicken (Niagara Cheese) Whoaa~~ (Ugh… Look at that cheese!! 😋😋) (Soo… That’s the end of the 1 Night 2 Days trip… lol) (No ending scene lol) (I’m here to ski y’all 😎😎)

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