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바이애슬론 규정 -주행 [Biathlon Rule -skiing on the course] Easy & interesting Biathlon Rule

바이애슬론 규정 -주행 [Biathlon Rule -skiing on the course] Easy & interesting Biathlon Rule

Do not be standing under the rules. Let’s overcome an ordeal wisely. Biathlon RulesRegrettable moments skiing on the course What should we do after falling down while skiing? Get up and go~ (Sorry~) It will be O.K to get the pole from a coach. But the problem is in case of the rifle being damaged on the course Disqualification : exchanging their rifle for another rifle, after starting, in any other location than the shooting range; The competitors should ski with the barrel pointing up. The competitor may ski to the team reserve rifle in the rack on the range, prior to going to the shooting lane, and exchange their rifle or replace their magazine, and then continue to their shooting lane. If the ski or binding is broken, Just run… (Sorry~) They can exchange the broken skies with a help from others. Competitors may exchange their skis, only if it can be objectively proven that a competitor has broken skis or bindings by accident. In such case the jury can accept the exchange of one/two skis in order for the competitor to finish the competition. Poles and straps may be exchanged repeatedly on the course. It is O.K to get it from another competitor. Competitors must ski the stipulated competition course in the correct sequence and direction on skis and following the marked course precisely. If competitors ski on a wrong course section, or the wrong sequence, they must return to the point where they made the wrong turn, along the part of the course they have skied in error. In order to do so, the competitors may have to ski against the correct ski direction and will be fully responsible for ensuring that they do not obstruct or endanger other competitors. There will be no penalty for having committed the error as long as no other competitors have been impeded. In the relay competition, there must be a well-marked hand-over zone, 30 m long and 9 m wide. The incoming competitors touch the body (including torso, arms, legs, hands, feet and head) or the rifle of the outgoing competitor with their hand. (Outgoing competitor was not ready) Referee may check the hand-over and let them know it. A competitor, who is in position to pass another competitor, and wishes to pass, must yell “Track.” A competitor who is about to be overtaken must clear the course in front of the passing competitor at the first yell of “Track” or other voice signal, One-Minute Penalty : not giving way at the first request by an overtaking competitor; It applies only to the Sprint and Individual competition. not to the Pursuit, Mass Start, and Men and Women’s Relays, not to the finish corridors, either In sections with marked corridors, the competitors should choose a corridor before the first corridor marker. In all competitions, obstruction is not allowed. Competitors are only allowed to leave the chosen corridor as long as they are not obstructing other athletes. Competition times must be registered to 1/10(0.1) of a second. The placings of Pursuit, Mass Start and Relay in the results will be decided by the finishing order of competitors. The competition jury will decide the finish order based on the Photo-Finish record. The decision will be based on the first part of the first foot crossing the finish line.

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