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바이애슬론 규정 -장비 [Biathlon Rule -Equipment] Easy & Interesting Biathlon Rule

바이애슬론 규정 -장비 [Biathlon Rule -Equipment] Easy & Interesting Biathlon Rule

Thinking of Biathlon Rule, letting out a sigh? Let’s check it out, easily and entertainingly Biathlon Rule -Equipment Competition equipment includes e.g. skis, poles, bindings, rifle, equipment such as
gloves, goggles and earmuffs.Minimum ski length is the competitor’s height minus 4 cm; maximum length: no limit. The total weight of a pair of skis must be at least 750 grams, without bindings. The ski waist, measured under the binding, may have a minimum width of 40 mm; maximum: no limit. Minimum width of the ski tip area must be 30 mm. The height of the ski tail above the surface must not exceed 3 cm. Common ski brand companies are making skies according to these rules.The maximum length of the poles must not be longer than the competitor’s body height There is no upper or lower weight limit for poles The poles must not have any energy source to improve push, such as springs or other mechanical devices. And the pole must have a fixed lengthThe minimum weight of the rifle must not be less than 3.5 kg. The trigger resistance must be a minimum of 0.5 kg. The thickness of the cheek piece must not exceed 40 mm. The distance between the center-line of the barrel and the lower edge of the forestock, including magazine and trigger guard, must not exceed 140 mm. The caliber of the barrel must be 5.6 mm (.22 inch rifle) The muzzle velocity must not exceed 360 m/s, measured 1 m after leaving the muzzle. The distance from the shooting ramp to the target is 50m (+/- 1m allowed) The diameters of the black circles for the aiming is 115 mm. Prone Position Shooting
–aiming 115 mm –scoring 45 mm Standing Position Shooing
–aiming 115 mm –scoring 115 mm should know that the diameter of aiming is 115 mm, same in Prone and Standing shooting This table details all the required dimensions and the positioning of the target circles for your guidance. Next time, let’s check the competition rule ! [Headache??]

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