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바이애슬론 규정 -사격 [Biathlon Rule -Shooting] Easy & interesting Biathlon Rule

바이애슬론 규정 -사격 [Biathlon Rule -Shooting] Easy & interesting Biathlon Rule

It’s Coming. Endless Rules are coming. Biathlon RuleIn mass start and relay competition, Bib number means ranking. Because they start simultaneously, they would shoot all toghether. So, 30 athletes start only because there are 30 targets in shooting range. In the Mass Start and Relay competiton, in the first shooting bout the competitors must shoot from the lane number designated by their start number, and in subsequent bouts by filling in the range sequentially from the right in the order of competitors’ arrival on the range. The rifle muzzle must be over the forward edge of the shooting ramp (firing line) from the beginning to the end of the shooting bout. 1.5 m red lines marking the shooting lane
or the extension of those boundaries while shooting. Disqualification : crossing the red line Competitors must ensure that no part of their body, clothing, materials or equipment protrudes over the 1.5 m red lines. Shooting sequence is designated in each discipline. In Sprint and Relay : Prone – Standing In Individual : Prone – Standing – Prone – Standing In Pursuit and Mass start : Prone – Prone – Standing – Standing In this situation, as second shooing, she should have shot in prone position. But she shot in standing position. During the competition it is forbidden for any person to give competitors any acoustic or visual information or advice, or to pass on any information to competitors by way of radio or any other communication method on the range. If he/she changed his/her shooting position after referee waned it, or she/he realized it and changed the position by him/herself. It is no problem. Disqualification : remaining in a shooting position not permitted by the rules Disqualification Violating any shooting safety regulations Disqualification Two-Minute Penalty : every round not fired if athletes recommence skiing before they have fired all five shots in an individual, sprint, pursuit or mass start competition, or all eight shots in a relay competition, having not hit all targets Disqualification : firing more than five rounds in any shooting bout of an individual, sprint, pursuit or mass start competition or more than eight rounds in a relay, mixed relay or super sprint competition If there is a problem in the shooting range, By raising their hand, they may inform the referee of the problem. Getting a help from the referee, the athletes could solve the problem. The athletes can solve the problem by themselves. Disqualification : accepting unauthorized assistance from any person when repairing equipment, or receiving assistance other than authorized But team members can give the repair tool or equipment to the competitors through the competition armorer or a competition official on the shooting range. There will be no time adjustment for repairing or exchanging a rifle or obtaining a spare magazine or rounds. The competitor may ski to the team reserve rifle in the rack on the range. Otherwise, the range official will obtain the team’s spare rifle from the designated rifle rack and bring it to the competitors. If competitors cross-fire onto a target not in their shooting lane, and no other competitor is shooting on that target, they will be allowed to continue without the mistake being pointed out to them. However, hits on the wrong target will not be scored. Only those of the competitor’s hits that are on the correct target will be scored. If being pointed out to them by referees, athletes should shoot on the target in their shooting lane. Realizing their mistake and continuing to shoot, only those of the competitor’s hits that are on the correct target will be scored. If the target at which a competitor is shooting is fired at by another competitor, they may shoot in another lane designated by a referee on the shooting ramp, the competitor must raise a hand, the target must be reset immediately and the competitor must then fire the remaining shots on the reset target. The competition jury will make an appropriate time adjustment in case competitors have lost time through no fault of their own If competitors need spare rounds after having fired the first five rounds in relay competition, the spare rounds must be hand loaded one by one – not loaded directly from a magazine In all competitions in which the shot-penalty is the 150 m penalty loop, competitors must ski the loop once for every missed target immediately after the shooting bout. (In individual competition, 1 minute time penalty imposed per 1 missed target.) Two-Minute Penalty : every penalty loop, resulting from shot penalties, not done by an athlete immediately after each prone or standing shoot They are not permitted to complete penalty loops at a later time. If skiing more times than the number of missed targets, it doesn’t matter. 😀 Who has the right of way on the penalty loop? over the competitor entering the penalty loop after shooting, The competitor on or exiting the penalty loop has the right of way. Did you understand all? Next time, let’s check the skiing on the course.

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