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나도 드디어 오픈카 FLEX 도전? (feat.루지)

나도 드디어 오픈카 FLEX 도전? (feat.루지)

I finally got an open car today I’m here to buy. Super car I’m finally self-made The time has come for FLEX! Geojedo live one month Hello Tongyeong close to Geoje Island The cable car is coming and going Where is it? The luge ride in Tongyeong It’s been three years since you started? In Gyeongnam Especially closest to Geoje Looking for a cultural street I came to Tongyeong to ride Luge Today is Luge alone how beautifully It burns well Oh how to put it I will do it Hi Finally arrived Where am I The south is really warm I don’t feel very cold There are quite a few people on weekdays. Breaking a ticket at the ticket office Get on the cable car (lift) I’m coming down all the time It is expected There is a price I came to take a helmet. From children’s special size There is adult oversize I’m the smallest failure next Are you in? Ah .. a little small Adult cow I went in … Short strap I have a big head like this ?? Once again … Stop loss Adult teen wear Very good Very good Yes, not sodu okay Mobilization Open Car Bung Bung (Fearless man) (Man who doesn’t know fear) I think it’s too scary Oh it’s quite fast Luge Boarding Safety Rules That’s right … Please use it properly Wow! Whoa ~~ Whats the cable car over there Cable Car Misetsusan Cable Car I can’t see it. (subscribe) Wata Speed ​​is not a joke Ah ~~~~ Is it fun? The lift view overlooking Tongyeong city Oh ~ Come on ~ But a little expensive One ride to Tongyeong citizens The average person costs 14,000 won I don’t think it’s very cheap Let’s ride once Is that value I’ll analyze it coldly Open Car Go Go Hello ~ Arrive to the lift! Take the Open Car (Rouge)! I’ll leave Let’s go ~ Now, like this ~ The brakes are big tight! Okay ~ I’m from South Korea special driver driver ~ I’ll go ~ You’re indirectly experiencing Tongyeong Luge. Luge end Required time 20 minutes to arrive at the boarding station 5 minutes to ride You don’t have to come. Candid Review Ends I tried to experience Tongyeong Luge Well just … Once … worth a ride Twice … a little … Three times … Four times … Tongyeong citizens don’t like this video When family comes I think I can ride from the lower grades of elementary school It’s a good place to visit I thought Have a good ride today Audio (?) Luge end subscribe!

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  1. ㅎㅎㅎ 두번은 말고 한번은 타기는 괜찮을듯 타본사람으로써  ㅠ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 가격이 세기는해요~~ 가쟈~~ 수퍼카~~~ 그날까지 ㅋㅋ

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