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立山黒部アルペンルート【字幕:caption】Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

立山黒部アルペンルート【字幕:caption】Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Riding the cable car from Tateyama Station to Bijyodaira Station. Takes 7 minutes, up to 500 meters above. At Bijyodaira Station, changing to special bus. Arriving at Murodo Station. After visiting “Jigokudani” Hot spring, going to Kurobe dam. The summit of Tateyama mountain Looking for “Jigokudani” Hot spring with alpine plants. Arriving at “Mikuriga-ike” pond. At lakeside, there is Hot spring, too. Now, Jigokudani is soon. Smell of sulfur is gradually stronger. Eruption of volcanic gases. Jigoku means “Hell” in Japanese. This smoke is not fog. Poison gas. Deadly. Poison gas is raging! Now, feeling like Happy.. Bye-bye Jigokudani! Don’t want to die, yet. To Daikanbou station by the trolley bus. Here is the right below Tateyama summit. From Daikanbou station to Kurobedaira station, ROPEWAY!! Takes 7 minutes, down to 500 meters below. No supporting column! Nothing!! Rolling!! Now, Autumnal-leaves season! The total storage-of-water capacity is about 200 million tons. From Kurobedaira station to Kurobeko station, riding the cable car. Finally, arriving at Kurobeko Station. Kurobe dum is soon. Passing through the tunnel, there is.. Now, Kurobe dum!! Let’s take a look of surface. Too bad.. Watering was ended 2 days ago. Thrilling and scared.. 171 men were died becouse of construction. Springwater. This water took their life. Bye-bye Kurobe dum!! Oogisawa station by the trolley bus.
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  1. アルペンルート 約10年間立山からと大町から行きました 2450米の室堂みくりが池温泉民宿泊まりで 2992米の雄山神社⛩からの🌄が見たくて 槍は一度行きましたが日程的にしんどかった ♨️は地獄谷から吸い上げた硫黄温泉が最高 勿論ダムや大観峰、弥陀ヶ原など見所は尽きない また立山から20分位の落差350米の称名滝は豪快です

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