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Would it be strange to wear it like this? In terms of layers, I think it’s pretty good. Color … I don’t know I don’t understand I’ll just take the pants off and do the dress It feels ok It feels like we haven’t been out for a long time haha I know It’s like after my parents left, we didn’t go out at all All of a sudden my hair grew My hair is the kind that … It’s very stiff, it’s going to grow sideways A little longer my head will look big What is she doing What are you doing Why does she run? Oh Shoot flowers This is what excites me Cat flower And dessert Just these things So your Instagram is like that of a … of a Chinese older lady I want to say … Sometimes you just post some photos … All flowers Just like an old lady I don’t understand why people don’t like this kind of photos For me, I want to see flowers more than photos of people. So I bought two hoodies from the brand I like. Everyone can find out I almost only wear a hoodie Correct Maybe I’m lazy, but I want to … Look better Then this brand … I’ve been buying since I was in China The vlog a few days ago seems like every day Each time I’d change clothes, the hoodies are all that brand Yes then I bought two more hoodies of that brand and it was black again Ooh Although the black ones look almost all the same, It’s better to have some more, right? Give myself some options This one on me happens to be the same brand as these two Wait wait you also bought two hoodies One is this Another one is this color. I think this color looks better Because you don’t have this color Then you have a bunch of pink It’s a mess, close that door So obviously this person has been infected by me no Why did you buy two hoodies then Because I saw it in a fashion magazine So you mean … I’m trendy, I buy hoodies I didn’t say it was a men’s magazine … no no no ok Ok I want to try mine This is one of mine Isn’t it cool? The back is particularly cool Oh yo how do I get it How can I show the back Can you see it clearly? I don’t know … I don’t know if you can see it clearly Another one back “NUDE” cool So cool great Today is February 14th Valentine’s Day Been thinking about something these days May be a bit scary to myself I don’t know what it means to make a video It feels the same for everyone No matter what kind of work you do Will definitely be like me Sometimes I feel what it means to be doing this I’ve been making videos for more than three years. I have tried to change the way of shooting video But overall it seems … It’s really the same thing repeated over the past three years This makes it sound like I don’t want to keep making videos, but I still want to make videos but I’m just saying Maybe it’s just a temporary state during this time. I know we used to post some so-called values Meaningful and serious video for us The main reason we don’t make those videos is Seems like it doesn’t have meaning anymore I think that’s how to say something directly about something Output your own values It seems like it’s a very cheap thing I will slowly discover this time As long as you are a “normal” person on the internet Prepare a topic that you want to say with some care Then all will say “Wow, you’re so rational”, “You have a good perspective” “You said what I’ve been thinking” To me the internet is like … Divided into different factions It is the person who thinks this way that attracts you Is to attract people who want to listen to such views That’s why we don’t want to do anything Video about our own values I think even if I want to express what I want Shouldn’t be so superficial and so direct What do you want to do today What do I want to do? I want to make chocolate! Before we wanted to say shoot a video of … Valentine chocolate … For one, it’s too late to post it on February 14th. Second, there are some … depression? amount… Both of us depression I don’t really want to use the word “depressed” Because I don’t think I’m depressed Just a little down Hmm but the word “down” … A bit difficult to pronounce for me and so… Is there any other word I can use Your mood is a bit off Emotionally off? I’m kinda off? Can I say that You’re having an off day Many people will say, “Why are you on Valentine’s Day?” “Speaking so much a bit depressing” Some things are very cliché We are together every day In fact, there is no difference between Valentine’s Day and any other day So we don’t mean to say these things on Valentine’s Day Every day is romantic I will hug you every day Then I am happy After dinner Then I asked her, “Would you like to make chocolate?” She said: “Don’t do it” Don’t you want to make chocolate anymore Don’t bother to do it? I want to go out And do what? What do you want Go for a walk Only a walk? How to go over there There (ferris wheel) What should we do for this gentleman on Valentine’s Day What do you want to do Take a walk? Do you want to watch a movie I really want to watch a movie Or go snowboarding? what … We have reached a stage now I’m too lazy to do anything This is not good What should we do Come kiss Should we go downstairs Let me kiss you Valentine’s kiss Start tomorrow … Tomorrow tomorrow we are going out ok We are going out tomorrow Ok Let’s write down what we want to do Snowboard go camping Capybara Kapibara Start exercise Then arrange the game device So don’t you make chocolate? I want to do but not today It’s just because I’m a little down, so I want to try … (to make myself happy) You know I want to buy this Basil? Ok so we can eat a lot of pasta This is so cute How about we each plant one And see who grows better what do you think I quite like it yeah looks handsome Try this This is so big What are you shooting Wanna ask for the check? Ask for the check You ask Ask for the check You ask I can’t call it because I’m shooting Then you can stop shooting first Call the waiter to pay the bill We forgot to bring cash and then … Cards don’t work for some reason So I’m sitting here as a hostage waiting for Kat to withdraw money you’re back So awkward I said, “He’s gonna stay there” By the way, we haven’t bought a mask for a long time I haven’t seen it at all I can’t buy a mask in half a month Not to mention Shinjuku A place like Shibuya I can’t even buy it near our apartment for two weeks “Translate your name into Japanese kanji” Shi Yingmeng Shou James? what does it mean Oh sushi su … So shou is su Oh meng is pronounced mu The 4 words are connected, and they sound like James. Do you want a Japanese name No, I’m fine Johnny Depp has it too Oh really? He also has Every time I film outside, maybe another passerby passes by You feel awkward, right? At this time I found a good way I just held the camera and I started speaking English on purpose (Passer-by) I must say “Oh, English-speaking foreigners” So it’s normal for foreigners to do such things. Right, Kat? Do you like it? Do you like the bridge? Wow so cool! Look at this look at this What kind of cat is this? It’s not this part Shouldn’t you be paying attention to this bottle? How did you notice that cat I saw the cat first, what do you think? Do you remember when we saw someone put a water bottle at the door? Never knew why Here it says: “This is to drive away stray cats” How? “Many people say cats pee in front of the house at night” “When they see the bottle at night they may see their face on the bottle” “And feel that my head is too big to cause discomfort” Head size? Is this true? Bonsai Try not to touch my hair when we are shooting video You make me … I want … ok ok go away Black pine pot I feel like … Is there really a way to grow this way? Feel a bit Too good to believe too good to be true Correct Just a few seeds Good Pure English Having English is equivalent to planting it in half ok can This is a good start We tomorrow … haha It wo n’t be planted tonight I don’t want to rush, just plant it just in case … wrong There are five lives here So I am responsible for them We will update you on this in future videos. Then I will have a competition with Kat Anyway, in summary, When you are sad, emotions are a little off Must find a way to go out It’s difficult to go out in that mood But you just have to find a way to go out No matter what you do, we didn’t do anything But your mood will be better Don’t you think it’s a little insensitive now? Many people cannot go out now Yes yes yes I just said that sentence is not too sensitive The one you just sounded a little spoiled! “If you feel unhappy, go out ~” They can’t go out Everyone knows what I mean. I ’m not malicious. I just talked about things in a big direction Of course, according to the actual situation, everyone can’t go out now. I hope this pneumonia situation will improve soon

90 thoughts on “直接說出價值觀,我覺得自己很廉價?”

  1. 这种时刻很正常的,自己也经常会碰到,觉得正在做的事情没有什么意义或者失去了当初的热情。一般遇到这种情况,我会选择休息一下,做一些轻松的事情,离开正在做的事情一段时间,或者加入一个社区和别人多一些互动,看看别人的一些动态,然后灵感和动力就会慢慢回来了。:)

  2. 你这是抑郁情绪的征兆,你不是找不到拍视频的意义,是有点不明白自己人生的意义和方向而已,这个还是要做事之前想清楚的,另外,把kat的妹妹介绍给我,我也是帅哥~哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

  3. 请尽量尝试生活中的一切,想看你们滑雪,潜水,打高尔夫,学击剑,学射箭,做日本餐,解刨鲔鱼….去尝试生活中的一切吧,并记录下来你们两个的点滴回忆。

  4. 好喜欢Kat. 上回你在为apartment烦恼纠结的时候,Kat 就一针见血地翻白眼地说你这是first world problem 和 奢侈的焦虑和纠结……..这次,她又一针见血! 真的很好奇,真正成长于第一世界的Kat, 为什么会有这么深刻的自觉?Sid, 也很喜欢你,但要加油呵!

  5. 很多人都会有这种状态,就是做一件事情太久了之后,就不知道意义是什么,想改变,但是不知道从何改变或者说目前某些东西限制了自己去改变。不过生活就是这样吧,只是要付出精力去创造一些新意一些小惊喜,来自生活中的乐趣。

  6. 其实也可以拍一些平时生活的vlog,哪怕就是出门逛街、吃饭、购物、散步或者做些什么小手工之类的,像做手工,有些手工作品其实很耗时间的,这个拍成vlog或者普通小视频应该也挺好吧

  7. 一直很喜欢你们,一直潜水,之前在b站,后面微博还加了粉丝群也是潜水😂,现在为了更快看到在油管。看到你们down的时候想到自己,突然来袭的无力感,很丧,而且一直持续。自己一个人处理解决这些情绪不知所措,希望能快有使自己快乐真实起来的方法。也不在碰到一些麻烦事。

  8. 不论记录什么,记录本身就是有意义吧。而且一直很喜欢你们,你们的相处,各自的性格、想法,通过日常都能流露出来,并不一定要有什么特殊的表达形式。希望你们尽情享受生活,分享给我们舒服的、自在的、真实的点滴❤️真的,有时候一个很小很小的点,即使你觉得毫无意义,也会戳到我的点。观看者在视频前的会心一笑也许也是意义吧,那我想说,你们的频道超有意义的~

  9. 你们不要为了拍视频而活 这样很容易就会失去方向并觉得没意义 我觉得把平淡的生活过的精致温馨 就能让人感到温暖正能 看你俩的vlog很像流水账 其实生活的美好是在细节里在一个氛围里

  10. somehow好喜歡這支影片 雖然它甚至沒有主題 你們還有一點down⋯⋯但讓我覺得好真實 同時也有溫(放)暖(閃)又有笑點(覺得sid是不用特別故意就可以製造出笑點的人xD很可愛 kat就不用說了萌點正常發揮♡)還有覺得你們總是流利的用雙語溝通(不是中英夾雜而是分開講各自的母語xD)真的很妙又超酷><!

    啊然後 關於表達自己的價值觀為什麼會變得廉價我不太懂?是因為這個時代大家都在當意見領袖的關係嗎

    最後 其實sid給的”出去走走”的意見很好呀~(我是台灣人 外面目前沒那麼危險><)我也有憂鬱症 非常需要這方面的建議😟

    天哪 第一次回這麼多 希望你們能看到😂

  11. 不管你们做什么视频,意义何在,我们都愿意看。

  12. Well, I've been unemployed for a long time. Seeing you leading such a financially free life I have to say I'm envious. I work so hard yet can't land a job SMH

  13. 想想当初为什么拍视频,多培养点兴趣爱好,你又在日本又拍视频为什么不做点摄影相关的视频呢,去郊外徒步拍照多好啊。。。。主要是我想看ಠ∀ಠ

  14. 不错。感觉自己不孤独了。 因为我也很久不出门了。也不是觉得depressed,就是特别懒的做任何事。 除非有一件deadline的事

  15. kat很棒 喜欢花totally fine 这是件很美好的事情 我也希望看美丽的事物多过于人 好好生活吧 加油

  16. 自从听说看完广告才有收入,1分钟的广告,硬生生给看完了,而且还看了俩,修改下,中间又穿插一个一分半广告

  17. Move back to Shanghai. I have stayed in Seattle for 3 yrs and I feel so bored. I gonna move back to my hometown Shanghai in 2 yrs I decided.

  18. 一直关注你们,看你们的视频特别舒服开心~你们可不可以多加一些广告啊,给我们一点机会贡献一点点呀!爱你们,加油么么哒

  19. 这世界上所有事情其实都没有意义 意义是都是人赋予的 但是坚持这件事本身就是无比闪亮的意义

  20. 其实关注你们不完全是因为你们的价值观什么的 单纯觉得 你们是很可爱的人啊 看你们拍的视频觉得 每一天都值得被珍惜

  21. 女朋友本来要从澳门来东京找我旅行 结果疫情的原因取消了所有的计划 自己最近也好郁闷 也想出门 可是一想日本对这个疫情一点也不重视就更郁闷了 其实我也想出门 想和女朋友一起出门 😭

  22. 对我一个看了比较久的小观众来说 就是觉得你们俩让人赏心悦目 既有亲和力又有影响力 也很喜欢你们视频里表现出的世界观 然后多元文化也是我喜欢的话题 (我也不知道我在说什么 表个白 希望能一直看到你们 也希望你们过得愉快🤜🏼

  23. 我这两个月心情也是很down 一直开心不起来,很多原因, 但是我觉得更多的是受国内情况的影响,毕竟还有家人在中国

  24. 关于价值观:最近听到一个词Cosmopolitan,在现在这个24时内就可以去到任何一个地方的星球,我觉得你们自己本身就在实践这样的价值观,来自不同的国家,生活在自己喜欢的地方,探索并热爱这个世界。会一直关注你们,加油💪

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