✅Электро Снегоход в деле⚡ Тюнинг и полноценные испытания

This time we will upgrade the E-snowmobile! now all is going to be perfect! we will test its working time and how it can go off roads it’s going to be an ordeal! We will squeeze out its powers! last time the rear wheel wasn’t really acceptable it wasn’t a nice idea to use the timing belt we are lucky it isn’t that hard to remove if you remember, we couldn’t pull a tire on the wheel so, we’ve found a wheel casing from Honda DIO scooter and attach it somehow to the motor-wheel and then we will put a very spikey tire on it! these are 250 really sharp screws! it’s going to kill the road! 70 we’ve decided to cut the wheel on two parts I’m cutting out the extra part this is going to be very sturdy… I hope the tire still suit it) there will be just some welding dots, on the borders, so it won’t split apart but the main fixing power to keep it all together will be provided by these planks they are going to be welded all parts of the wheel and they will make the construction safe and strong the rims won’t be damaged then and will become a kind of monolithic I need to make it carefully, let’s make the first dote right here that is a hell of a wheel now! let’s try the wheel on it isn’t just.. hm though the tire may just… maybe it – we can draw in backwards -and weld some bolts to these edges right there, and tighten the lugs there why so slow there are magnets inside I think we can clean it up during the day we are making a hole for the tire using a step drill bit it is a kinda too low but… what if I make it like this that’s perfect! *screw sound* let’s add some screws to the ominous tire! and we need to add some rubber to keep the tire safe, I think the only thing rest is to put it on the massive welded rims of the motor-wheel they stab! that isn’t pleasant you can see that the tire doesn’t want to merge dammit and there we are, in the tire shop and the experienced tire masters can’t help! and we had to bend the rims a little… there it goes! push it, come on that is the second wheel chamber. and we must pull them both proper stuff hey, it’s enough. it is 0.8 of the minimum pressure that’s a bomb the very classic beauty and the main part, the wedding! it is too close to the wing and I guess we’ve welded the wing hard, right? oh well there you are… that is proper we have to fix the absorbers better, the wheel must be pushed hard to the ground welding the wing back… and there it is!!! let’s ride it! that’s a super bibika alright! let’s see what the E-snowmobile can do now! I’m sitting already… starting! ready let’s ride!! yeah it goes so awesomely! it speeds up as fast as a hell! it takes about 2 seconds to reach this crazy full speed! let’s try some off road it’s like a tank! ok, backwards where are you going? do you see this? it’s just goes and I thing that was too much oh yeah. nevermind about branches anymore it goes so easily! and the reverse gear is just perfect! I can’t just tell you about my feelings I’m too excited right now! this time the spikes are attached very nicely there isn’t a single spike broken here! and if I go on the stone the spike bends and then becomes right again because the rubber lets the screws move like this and now the absorbers work perfectly! I meen the wheel is being pushed down perfectly and the ski doesn’t rise up anymore they are always on the ground, and this makes this snowmobile superstable let’s try this beast here we go it’s the speed test how was that? I’m ok, thank you this snowmobile makes 30 km/h easily but I think it’s maximum is around 40 km/h I guess I can squeeze out 42 km/h you mind the fact that it has the minimum 48 voltage right now what if we give it 100 volts power? like that time we made its speed 100km/h -i guess that… – It will become a snowmobile rocket! it may give out 80 km/h I think what do you say? should we increase its speed or it’s dangerous? is there any sense I think it will be ok, for sure it is always makes sense to increase the power let’s have some drift! as you see, it can polish the road very nicely. and the torque is just damn mad now we are going fishing to the place where it’s impossible to reach on foot or go there by any other kind of transport because it’s complete off road there let’s ride I’ve never felt so much comfort going along these paths my E-snowmobile just goes along these wild dry herbs, crushes them, and I enjoy all this the locals told us that this road is too hard to go and the wild boars can attack you. Don’t go there, they said but I know it’s all calm here, and we can ride the path is over. and the off road begins let’s see how it will cope with the bulrush it overcomes it! it goes forward! that’s me driving among the bulrush grass and I have to stand because the grass is too high these spikes literally tear the bulrush it goes so nicely on the snow! it is extremely powerful and has a perfect traction, my friends! it goes forward even if it’s too much torn grass all over the road look at the wheel! here we go it dug a trench! this happen because the ground is very close to the surface here I mean earth is near below giving the fact that the snowmobile is tiny it’s really comfortable to ride along the animals’ paths I think there are beavers somewhere firstly I thought that this one was cut down by the fishermen but these are the traces of beaver’s teeth fancy that! he had to eat it all hm.. the snow is new, and there are no traces on it the beavers might leave this place because last time we were too noisy or they could find a cover somewhere there was someone diving! a beaver? onehand driving it’s moving so gorgeously you see how fast it accelerates and it isn’t the full speed yet! the power is consumed very slowly, as you can see the tests has shown that the power is enough to cover a few dozens of kilometers the lamp has torn off look at the traces! that’s like a mini tractor it’s a little separate now not a big deal it was torn off with grass, not surprising I’ve found this shelter someone has build a house, but it isn’t the tree house, because it’s on the ground a kind of a nomad tent. let’s see what’s inside why it is even here? there’s a bed some empty bottles around why? what for there’s a house so many bottles… it must be a drunky house it’s a way warmer in here. there’s no wind a cap some old jeans write what you think about this house, guys why on earth this house was built I was riding along and look here! another house is here! and a chair is here! what people do there, honestly is it a secret cottage zone oh my! this one looks really nice there’s many chairs inside who builds that? and why these houses are on the ground, not on the trees that’s why a snowmobile is a good thing we can go to the very distant places, where I’ve never been the battery works awesomely, I’ve covered more than 30 km already it’s 50 volts… this means that more than a half of the battery is spent already it shows me so just standing but when it goes, it shows 49 and etc the voltage is being spent no slopes are a problem now this snowmobile showed itself very reliable it has shown great result off roads on roads too. and next time we will try to assemble a super ATV! this ATV will be able to go through the fields, mud, and roads but also it will go on water! this is going to be cool! don’t miss it! friends! don’t forget to support us on Patreon! And BigThank you for all you do for us!

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