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‪Do Spoolies Really Work? | No Heat Curls Fab or Fail | Cute Girls Hairstyles

‪Do Spoolies Really Work? | No Heat Curls Fab or Fail | Cute Girls Hairstyles

66 thoughts on “‪Do Spoolies Really Work? | No Heat Curls Fab or Fail | Cute Girls Hairstyles”

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  2. I have curly, frizzy hair, not the thick really nice hair of our hostess. I just bought a jumbo set. They were on sale and I used an online coupon to get 15% off. I agree they are pricey, but if I can get my curls under control using these guys, (plus my hair isn't that thick), then it might be worth it.

  3. It looks like you kinda already have naturally wavy/loose curly hair honestly. You should try the curly girl method!

  4. So… she used no products in her hair nor did she brush her hair out first… she also didn't do her hair in sections or wrap each piece of hair in the same direction so why would she expect to get the desired result … no other videos I've seen using this product turned out that way. This video is an inaccurate portrayal of the product.

  5. you can get them cheap! check ebay.. I got 24 for 3.99 shipped! these are the size of the blue loss to me!

  6. I used these all the time (I'm over65), very easy and a much more comfortable way to sleep than pincurls, where when you try to sleep with hard pins sticking into your head. There was no technique, you just wound them around, really easy, great. So when I saw they were selling them again was happy to buy them. RIPPED OFF! They are not the same as I used as a child. They changed what they r made of, and now when u remove them they totally rip your hair out! NOT the original Spoolies, which I believe were made of rubber, with no silicone, and they stayed closed. New ones are awful! I threw them away.

  7. I remember when I was a kid in the 60s my cousins had these curlers. Been around a LONG time 😊

  8. Who on earth really wants "consistent" hair curl…..that's not natural. I like the curlier style on the model, very pretty.

  9. I’ve been wanting to try these on my hair and my daughters hair. This video will save me so much time since you showed which way helps make more pretty curl. You are so patient. I already know when I do half my hair I will have to take a lil break so I don’t get ancias (Spanish word for anxiety). This video totally helped!!

  10. These are not new, they've been around since the early 60's, I know my mom used them on me and my sisters for church every Saturday night, torture, pure and simple. They were hard and had no give to them back then.

  11. I actually came across your video while researching if Spoolies were still out there! Used them as a child/teenager … I've found reasonable knockoffs and might try them again as I currently use pin curls as my curling method… no heat on my old, long hair … It was cute seeing you try to use them as per direction 🙂 We always just rolled them… putting them next to the head to get started was interesting but glad you discovered they rolled up close to head just fine. Enjoyed your video and really liked seeing Spoolies in action again!

  12. Wonderful video production, i enjoy it to much ! Most Suitable part is 1:52. I uploaded first video, Please check it out and tell me your opinion 💙 🖤 💙

  13. It seems like this would’ve been much easier and likely more successful if you would’ve started on the bottom of your head instead of the top of your head. It also seems like you’d want to put the smaller curls on top and the larger ones on the underneath.

  14. We did it differently when they first hit the market in the sixties. We held the hair out wound the end first to the scalp. Curls were wonderful

  15. I've never seen this woman before but I thought the thumb nail was Brook or Bailey 😂 she totally looks like them

    Edit: I just looked at the comments. I didn't even know this was her mom. 😂🤣👌

  16. I can remember them from the fifties or early sixities. They do work and feel better than curlers if you sleep on them..

  17. Used to get half a dozen maybe of these with a can of Adorn hair spray when I was a kid. Back in the 60's. They worked then. Pretty cool invention! Worked great with shorter hair, easy pincurls. A fail because of the cost is not really a fail. You pay that much easily for a good heat curling iron.

  18. My grandma had these around her house back in 50s-60s time period. . They were brown rubber and we used to play with them. They were for shorter hair and like a pin curl . Fun but probably not the best way to set your hair. People used to set their hair with beer too, try that for fun.

  19. Wow way too much work. ridiculous.
    Kinda cool tho. I like both sets, but preferred the right did. Both were beautiful to me. I love windy tosseled hair.

  20. I remember wanting Spoolies so bad & got them for Christmas back in the early 60’s. They were pink & really small; only one size back then. By the time I wrapped my hair I couldn’t close the Spoolie top or it popped open! Smelled strongly of rubber too!

  21. I got some and they fall out of my hair. You must have long, past your shoulder length for them to stay in. Very slippery silicone. Not for short to medium length hair if it is the thin type.

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  23. I used spoolies when they first appeared in my lifetime. think I was 12 or something. They worked but didn't like them because they were so hard to sleep with them in your hair. Something like sleeping with brush rollers. ugh.

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