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На какой квадрокоптер я снимаю? EP#262

На какой квадрокоптер я снимаю? EP#262

they look like twin brothers wearing these suits it’s -14 degrees, but feels like it’s above 0 it feels so because of the bright sun, blue sky and lack of wind as if it’s already March heavy snow starts tonight and the weather is getting above 0 nothing will melt in the mountains the snow will be flaking the weather will be warm and snowy the weekend will be incredible first they buy the same suits and then it’s impossible to distinguish who is riding it’s good that I’m wearing a different suit guys this is uncle Volodya the eldest rider in Priiskoviy people say in the comments that it’s a Polaris Wide Track that’s Polaris Titan, it makes no sense not to believe uncle Vova he knows better, he rides it 20 years, respect works flawlessly Polaris Titan adjusting the Polaris track tension it needs to be done regularly and the Polaris track tension adjusts harder than BRP there’re 3 BRPs here in the service and one Polaris such a nonsense a rarity, XP platform that I don’t recommend it’s an e-tec here, it’s ok, you can ride at the glades, but I don’t recommend a power tec or a p-tec it’s a 2012 model year the footboards have been changed attempts to do something were made it’s still an uncontrollable concrete block it’s difficult to ride it that’s the first e-tec generation e-tec nozzles good engine but unsuccessful platform pay attention to the steering wheel here is the steering shaft, and the steering wheel is curved I’ll show you better this is wrong because the steering axis will be offset the spacer should be in the same axis with the steering shaft, that means, you need to tilt back it’s time to get ready for leaving while I’m still in the garage one very respected person has donated an Alpinestars body protection that was used only once for the next giveaway thank you, Vitya so the protection is for the next giveaway or maybe use it myself? I’ve to think about it my guys we’re leaving now snowfalls are over, the snowdrift behind the bath became smaller and it’s no longer possible to ride it, the wind made it dense but there’s a warm snowy weekend ahead so the whole bathhouse will be covered with snow and maybe I’ll realize my plan to ride there or not me because I don’t want to pay for the roof because if you ride on this roof on a snowmobile you can turn up inside the bath and I absolutely don’t need it so let’s go riding by the way, I have a quadrocopter with me today so we’ll have some incredible shots let’s go we are at the pass taking photos we can’t miss a chance when weather is so good this mountain is traditionally avalanche hazardous and it’s already visible how the cornices inflated by the wind break off they break off and pull the entire slope after them and that’s without good snowfalls yet there were some but these days it was just windy and most likely their volume is increased by the snow transfer let me show you closer everything broke off here such dangerous things what a beautiful sun we’re at the circus it’s so sunny here, but I forgot the sunglasses, I’ll be squinting again I haven’t been here for a long time I want to show you the shepherds house that I repeatedly showed there’s a video at the beginning of the season where I enter it look at the snow level only the roof is visible by the way, when I was riding here with the French last March then there also was an African American, a very good video we were riding here the chimney and roof of the house were also visible so it’s the last March snow level now going inside the house to show you what inside is unreal but I did it in the fall so you can see it the weather is beautiful the guys completed a three-day program in two days, so today we have a photo day and visit nice places but we still practice a little bit, here is our training slope now we will practice, shoot videos and run the quadcopter I wanted to launch a quadrocopter at the pass, but it was too windy there it was dangerous there and here’s the calm, here we can ride and shoot videos, I’ll ride higher, I wanna find a stream photosession let’s continue what kind of birds are these? they have just flew away to other trees if you know – tell me in the comments it seems to me that these birds are special the scorching sun as it’s today is the best weather for a quadcopter you often ask why don’t I launch a quadcopter that’s because of the weather like God is telling me to launch a quadcopter today and I’ll show you how to do it I took it with me purposefully today because I knew that the weather is good you always need to take it with you because it seems that the weather is bad at the first glance and later, upon leaving, you understand that the weather is suitable so I’ll show you I have a DJI Mavic 2 Pro it was bought in the fall I had a Mavic 1 before that’s much better than the first one so I start it from the platform, not from the hand in order not to lose it it comes back here itself the platform is installed remove the lock everything is standard then, there’s a remote control where we insert the phone and start Mavic 2 is full of all sides sensors and it’s difficult to break it, but sometimes it doesn’t see the snow because the sensors are optical and the snow is white and plain so you need to be careful and it’s several times better than the previous model, it landed in the slope a few times switch on the quadcopter caught satellites and remembered its location in case of signal loss, it rises to a certain height and returns back to the platform we can take off great, we start the flight switch to the quadcopter we visited a wonderful observation deck at the end of the day which is located on the ridge and all the places where we ride are seen here and there a great place a great company and a great weather thank you very much guys I can’t believe that it will begin to snow heavily in a few hours and that will last 4 days it’s also going to be +5 degrees, but I don’t think that it will interfere the snow at the mountains we trained, rode and launched a quadcopter today this is one of the best days of the season, the soul rejoices when I have such days snowfalls are ahead and that means that cool rides are ahead too put the thumb up subscribe if you’re still not see you tomorrow, bye

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  1. Это тетерев на дереве. Зайчика отпустил или завтра будешь его кушать….

  2. Алексей. Плохо подготовил д. Вову.
    Он бы сказал- ' ты не прав Лёша. Это ТИТАНИЩЕ!'
    Всеб вопросы и претензии отпали😀

  3. Ушастый красавец. Погода супер. В таких условиях и на "титане" бы заехал😉

  4. По крыше бани надо по-любому газануть! Уши тебе потом конечно надерут, но экшен все же нужен!

  5. Кадры с воздуха огонь, аж дух захватывает от величия природы! Можно почаще😉

  6. Леша, подскажи название шлема? И очки? Очень плотно сидит вместе с очками

  7. Сонька или гопро, какая удобнее при съемке и дальнейшем монтаже видео, по качеству видео есть отличия?

  8. Леха, ты соблюдал закон при запуске дрона!?😆😆😆🤭🤭🤭🤭 Через какую прогу монтаж делаешь с дрона? 🤔🤔😇

  9. Не спешите с выводами, больше похоже на капалух-самок глухаря, уж больно шеи длинные для тетеревов…

  10. Кадры с птеродактиля улёт!!!! Погодка шикарная аля весна 😊 ляпота то какая!!! Птица тетерев когда на стрёме шею вытягивает, подъезжай в следующий раз тихонько.

  11. как всегда видео шикарно. кадры с коптера класс, добавили чего то нового в видео, продолжай.

  12. Приветствую Алексей , пишу вам ещё раз по поводу так называемого Титана , дядя Вова ваш совершенно не разбирается в снеооходах к том уже он человек в возрасте на что можно делать скидку , но вы молодой владеющий всеми гаджетами и все возможными интернетами , не верю что вы не можете в интерннннте найти как называется этот снегоход , либо проста не хотите признавать своих ошибок , ну по крайней мере мне бы было как минимум стыдно утверждать не утверждаемое , не верное , у вас это Паларис Вадтрак ЛХ 500 , был есть и остаётся таковым

  13. Алексей ,раньше ты снимал на Сони ,сейчас у тебя стоит Го Про ,причины замены ?

  14. Алекс привет. Давно ты не снимал на коптер.шикардос.ты молодец. Я постоянно с тобой. Удачи

  15. Надо поставить ND фильтры, чтобы создать размытость движения

  16. Алексей, кадры с вертушки просто супер. сними в следующий раз козырьки поближе, думаю многим будет интересно!

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