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Минимальный экип для снегоходной школы. EP#261

Минимальный экип для снегоходной школы. EP#261

everybody was waiting for snowfall but there’s no snow but it’s warm -4,5 degrees, a little windy and forecasted evening snow and by the end of the week I’ve never seen such forecast very snowy while the temperature is above 0 really snowy it’s written that it’s going to be 12 cm, this has never happened before but it’s just a forecast, everything can change because we’re at mountains the school starts today one after another up to the end of February maybe there’ll be several days with someone accompanying at the mountains so I can ride for pleasure but I’m in the teaching mode now on the one hand it’s good, but on the other hand I want to ride myself like it was yestarday that was just great but that’s that the main thing is that there’s no frost riding when it’s snowy and windy is much more comfortable than when it’s frost even when sunny so this February is good, I think it’s going to be snowy and the spring will be late so that we’ll be riding up to the beginning of April such distant plans so let’s go to the garage I didn’t refuel the snowmobile yesterday because the batteries were low in the pump and this made me show how the snowmobile refuels we refuel our snowmobiles from 40 liter barrels special aviation gasoline that’s a joke, we use usual 98 gasoline in such barrels the pump turns on and off automatically and wait guys use the rental equipment now and there’s a problem of misunderstanding what to bring I always send a list of necessary things but still, they don’t take all with them today we’ll discuss what you need to take with you to ride in our school we can’t be filmed we’re at work Ilya, are you riding the Titan today? -I thought you already left that’s the choice of topriders Polaris Titan getting ready to start guys are already here taking photos it became windy and a little snowy do you want to say something to your only subscriber? -hello my only subscriber, I wanna say that yesterday was the only good day and it’s windy and snowy again -how long can it be, it’s so hard we need at least one sunny week to rest from such weather it will be sunny on Thursday -ok, let’s go and the first school exercise is the working with gas as always we’re just riding using the gas fully that’s very important the following exercises depend on it, on how sharply you use gas make something is harder using it smoothly the track leans over there and the snowmobile does it to the same side, you now feel it that’s the main thing we jump on the wrong foot and pull it a little, not so much and not so sharply, but a little the second exercise putting the snowmobile on one ski this is a very important exercise a separate lesson is devoted to it there’re some mistakes of course but I correct and everything turns out so that I think everything will be wonderful the snow has intensified, the mountains are no longer visible it’s windy now let’s measure the thickness of the snow here this is a training hill in just a kilometer from the hotels they train so good let’s measure the thickness of the snow here it gradually becomes sunny, that’s good, we love the sun I remind you that this is our training hill in just a 1 km from hotels but it’s a good slope for training probes length is 2.4 meters 2.1 1.8 and here 1.8 that’s the amount of snow cover more than 1.5 m I think that there are more than 2 meters above because it’s a windy glade and we practice here every day and tamp this snow dirt, which means that the temperature is above 0 under the snow and the dirt is not frozen and the whole slope can go down by this mud, so you have to be careful we continue training the sky is blue, everything turns out and the lunch is coming soon so let’s discuss what you need to take with you if you decide to come here to school or just to ride first of all, you need specialized snowmobile equipment but the thinnest, no need to take models with insulation that might be a monosuit, I have a Lynx Quantum only shorts are insulated or pants and jacket separately the school is in process so you need snowmobile equipment monosuit or pants and jacket we need thin thermal underwear under the equipment the thinnest one then the fleece layer, I wouldn’t recommend it myself but for cold weather and for those who are more often cold it’s better to have a fleece also need protection, at least for the knees because the knees constantly rest against the snowmobile and are always bumped so you can’t ride without the knees protection but it’s better to have knees, hips and body protection optional elbow protection if you want and of course a safety helmet with glasses there can be many glasses, but the lenses need to be selected according to the weather dark or specular for a bright sun transparent or yellow for cloudy weather as it’s today I have separate videos about helmets and glasses and how to use them correctly so the link is below you need a few pairs of gloves, thin and medium, and you can also take thick one for the road back you need medium for active riding that you could hold well several pairs because they can get wet and it’s better to change them in the process snowmobile boots exactly for a snowmobile, the choice is huge you need to find the right for you as a last resort, you can use snowboard boots but they are much tougher I used snowboard boots at the beginning of my career as a snowmobile rider but they quickly grind off because of the snowmobile’s footboards and they’re tough therefore it is better to spend money and buy special boots for the snowmobile they are warm, comfortable and hold the foot well with a boa system of course because shoelaces are terrible shoelaces is the past century, boa is reliable, convenient and simply the best avalanche equipment is also needed an avalanche sensor (beeper), a shovel and a probe you need to carry it on yourself so you need a backpack there will be a shovel and probe the beeper will be attached directly to you, here it is you also need a walkie-talkie to communicate with other members of the group walkie-talkie + press-to-talk button this is the device I speak in and hear others when the walkie-talkie is in a backpack the walkie-talkie is in warm, the press-to-talk button is on the shoulder so I can communicate without reaching it and without even touching it you need to have a thermos with you, it’s not necessary, but it’s very good to drink hot tea at the mountains if you don’t have it or maybe forgot, you can ask guys in the restaurant to give it to you and pour you any tea the one rolled over, the other stuck it’s better to take two thermoses, one for tea, the other one for food for example for buckwheat or the other porridge, maybe sausages as I did before I need to start doing it again one more thing you need a completely open face balaclava without a breath deflector, because it is built into the helmet that’s wind breath deflector is built into the helmet so you need a balaclava without it otherwise the glasses will fog up because of your breath well, each to their own you definitely need a hat because when you drink tea or chat at a halt, your head may freeze so a hat is definitely needed this is the minimum set of necessary things for a comfortable stay at a slope both for training and for ordinary riding it depends on your needs, someone needs much more, someone takes a lot of food with him this is the minimum set and if you are going to Priiskoviy, it’s better to have all of the above I’ll leave that list in the description of this video, if I forget something – correct in the comments maybe I will make a new video with a more extensive list by the way, I want to tell you in the following videos what do I usually have with me and what’s in my bag and I have several bags put the thumb up leave a comment subscribe if you’re still not see you tomorrow, bye I’ll go help the guys

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  1. Как говорят у нас на севере, идешь в лес на день, запасов бери на 3. Набор выживания надо, хотябы пилу и спички. Были прецеденты когда сломавшийся отставал от группы в метель и приходилось ночевать без спичек.

  2. Да, Алексей, приезжай к нам в Новый Уренгой. Снега у нас много. И лежит он у нас до конца мая.

  3. Пёсик супер, Титан старичок держится не сдаётся 😎, насос для перекачки неплохой, единственное коротковат с обоих сторон зараза, но качает в принципе неплохо.

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    По дорожке катнуть да 36 рычаги опробовать🤘🤘🤘

  5. Алексей неисправимый! От слов '"Полярис Титан" в каждой серии уши вянут! 🙃🖐

  6. Алексей, а какую ты используешь защитную экипировку. Я имею ввиду защита коллений и тела?

  7. Нужно иметь одежку снегоходную, боты, шлем с очками, защиты, бипер и другое лавинное. Но если нет термоса, то не беда, можно взять здесь. Поржал от души 🙂 А если серьезно, то не очень понятно, как не будучи снегоходчиком приехать и попробовать эту интересную тему. Помимо аренды снегохода, школы, проживания и доставки себя любимого надо отряхнуться ещё на 150-200 на экип? С одеждой конечно сложно, наверное (хотя ну вот бы нафига она нужна, если ты не катаешь на снежике), но вот защитки, лавинка, рации и тп (то, что не является прям сильно личным по соображениям эксплуатационного износа, гигиены и т.п. ) должны бы наверное иметься в прокате. Наподобие как в горнолыжке, можно приехать налегке и практически всё взять в прокат.

  8. Спасибо много чиму научил чо сам догнал жди гостеи с алтая !!!!

  9. Алексей что за насос? Насколько знаю они все для диз.топлива.

  10. Пожелания для Алексея ! Сбрей свою рыжую бороду и сними конкретно о природе гор ,следы животных ,как живёт сегодня Приисковый и чем !Да и цены озвучивать нужно ! Чтобы приехать в При вместе со своим экипером на три дня, на всё про всё нужно примерно 300 тысяч рублей !Твой труд очень тяжол,не берегешь себя !Кушать горячие борщи нужно каждый день ,а не сухомятку каждый день ! Пора термос с борщем брать в горы,а то зубы совсем испортишь и желудок !

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    Это специально
    Или само?

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