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Как да изберем сноуборд обувки / How to choose snowboard boots

Как да изберем сноуборд обувки / How to choose snowboard boots

Hey guys! Today we’ll talk about how to choose our new snowboard boot. At the moment there is a huge variety of brands and models in the market. In that sea of choises a beginner can easily make the wrong choise. Just like when choosing a board when we are looking for boots we have three things we need to consider. This is the way we tight the boots size and flex. When we talk about the way we tight the boots there are three different systems. These are the classics with laces the boa and the fast track systems. The classic is and always will be the laces. You can always rely on them nothing can brake and are easy to use. After all everybody know how to tight their laces! The cons are that they get loose easily they can soak with melted snow and freeze and if the temperatures are really low trying to tight them again is a hell! The Boa System is simple and easy to use. It uses a knob to turn the metal string which makes the boot tighter. The cons are that you don’t tight the foot by zones but you do it evenly for the whole foot. Fast track and also known as speed lace systems are also very easy to use. The pros here are that you can tight the lower part of the foot in a different way compared to the upper part and vice versa. They are very easy and intuitive and tighten the foot really well. The cons are that repairs if that metal string or rope breaks it costs money and time. The second thing we need to consider is the flex of the boot. Just like with boards, softer snowboard boots are recommended for beginners and people that want to experiment with park riding with flex from 3-4 from 10. The intermediate riders can choose a boot with middle flex around 5 to 7 from 10 and for advanced riders and powder seekers is recommended a boot with bigger flex from 8 to 10. The last and maybe most important thing when you are choosing your new snowboard boot is the size. I want to share with you a personal story from a few years ago when led by the presumption of many people that you need to buy at least one size larger boots so that you can have room for extra socks if you get cold I did exactly the same. As a result of my decision that snowboard boot lasted 2-3 seasond before finally getting ruined instead of lasting at least 4-5 seasons. When choosing your new snowboard boot make sure that the size is the same as the size of the shoes you wear every day. In most equipment shops then can measure your foot in advance whenever you are buying the boots and this way there will be no problems once you go up the mountain and realise that the boot you got is too big or small for you. I hope that with these advices you will easily choose the right snowboard boot for you and riding will be more than a pleasure. Next week I will show you how to choose snowboard bindings and this will be the last component you need in order to start riding. See you soon in the snowy mountains and #SavePirin!

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  1. Отново страхотен клип! Искам да попитам от къде мога да си взема такава тениска?

  2. А двойната "Боа" ? Аз бих изтъкнал като недостатък тенденцията за презатягане с тази система, но с малко опит-грешка този проблем се отстранява лесно. Това казано, все пак предпочитам традиционните връзки или "спийд зоун". Много добро видео ?

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