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Как да изберем сноуборд дъска / How to choose a snowboard

Как да изберем сноуборд дъска / How to choose a snowboard

Hello adventurers, this is Marto from The Adventurer’s Guidebook and today I’ll show you how to choose your first board. Choosing your first board is extremely important moment for every beginner snowboarder because with that board you will practise this sport for the first time. If you choose something that is uncomfortable or you don’t like using you will most likely quit very fast. The first thing we’re going to talk about is the different types of boards. There are three types of boards: all mountaint, freeride and freestyle. All mountant boards are good for beginners because they still have no idea what type of style they want to ride. They are good for everything from riding pow, riding on jumps and rails and riding on the slopes. Freestyle boards are designed for riding in parks and doing tricks. Freeride boards are designed for riding off piste and in deep snow. The three things you need to look at when choosing your first board are: the size, the flex and the profile of the board. The size of the board is determined from your weight and your hight. Normally the size of the board should be between your chin and nose where shorter boards are better for beginners because it’s easier to manuver and learning how to turn whereas longer boards are better for intermidiate and advanced riders who are searching for more control from the board. Your weight is important when choosing the size of your board. All brands have a scale where you can see which size board is better for you according to your weight. While we are talking about size I want to tell you about the wider boards. For people with foot size larger that 44-45 EU it’s recommended to consider these boards because this will eliminate toe and hill drag from the board and this way you won’t fall when making toe and hill edge turns. The second thing you neet to consider when choosing your board is the profile. The profiles are four: camber, rocker flat and hybrid. The camber boards have a specific curve when you lay them down on a flat surface. They are recommended for more advanced riders who are searcing for more agression and control when riding. Beginners should avoid them. The rocker boards have exactly the opposide curve compared to the camber boards. Their nose and tail are slightly higher which is making the boad more forgiving to the beginner’s mistakes like catching the edge. Flat boards are flat! They combine some of the features of camber and rocker profiles. They are also good for beginners and people that want to ride freestyle and park but are less forgiving to the mistakes of beginners. The last type of profiles are the hybrids. They are a mix of camber, rocker and flat profiles and try to take the best from all of them. They are very popular right now and are appropriate for riders who are still searching for their style of riding. The third and last thing when choosing your board is the flex. The flex is measured on a scale fom 1 to 10 where 1 are the softest and 10 are the most stiffer boards. If you are a beginner or intermediate rider it’s recommended that you choose a board that has a medium flex. They are comfortable enough to ride and will forgive most of the mistakes that you will make. If you are more advanced rider the more stiffer boards will be better for you where you will have more control and speed. The last thing I want to tell you is to be careful with the way the bindings will be mounted on the board. There are three different ways to mount the bindings and they are: the Burton channel system, the 3D bolts again from Burton, and the classic with 8 holes and 4 screws. When choosing your board have an idea what kind of bindings you will buy in the future because on a board with channel system you can’t mount a normal binding for 8 holes and vice versa. Thank you for watching our video about how to choose your first snowboard. Next week I will show you how to choose boots and binding to the board that I hope you already have bought. Follow our page for more information!

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  1. Приятно видео!
    Само малки неща:
    1: Масово хибридните дъски са навлязли във ФР, а не са мислени за объркани хора 😉 които не знаят на къде да поемат. Рокер в носа, кембър под краката, отново към рокер е най-популярният профил за ФР в момента
    2: Нормален автомат на канал – ДА

  2. Здравейте, може ли да ми кажете дали има разлика между типовете Rocker и Zero Rocker при различните производители?

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