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Ботинки FXR Helium Lite. Опыт использования. EP#264

Ботинки FXR Helium Lite. Опыт использования. EP#264

finally, the long-awaited snow, not as intense as in the forecast, but the weather seems to be spring already it’s just -4 degrees and it has been snowing all night, that’s so cool tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are snowy too the temperature is above 0, but at least not +5 but +3 is maximum and I don’t think this will happen considering that we are at the height the hotel is at 900m and we ride at 1300m so even if it is + 1-2 degrees, it will snow here quite a lot of snow February pleases this time is usually freezy, I haven’t been riding for 2 weeks a year ago because it was -30 degrees and worse and this year is snowy and warm I’m afraid to imagine March, everything will probably melt but nevertheless, now we can ride and everything is fine let’s go to the garage the Expert was brought on a sleigh yesterday no damage visible but here the gearbox fell apart, the chain tore perhaps that is due to the fact that the chain hadn’t been tensed I know the owner, he is very careless about vehicles probably this is the reason, but maybe it’s just a flaw but you need to follow the instructions and tense the chain for the first 1500 km every 500 km there’s a video instruction on the channel, it’s very easy I do it every week the guys are already leaving so that’s it what a snow snowdrift after the bath has slightly increased it’s better put on a hood there wasn’t such a blizzard in the morning, the wind intensified the weather is comfortable the Titan is slightly covered it’s just -2 degrees grear weather I think there will be enough snow in the mountains according to the fact that this snowdrift has grown, and this is an indicator we’re ready, let’s go we will meet everyone here and create content content makers a good place it was possible to handle, you had a normal way range -I had a goal not to ride here pass but to portray something and you did it good -Serega did it too it’s difficult for Polaris we won’t hide it great forest, we can ride in all directions especially there and the slope is not very extreme there is such a stream and you need to get high, I rode the first and failed you did it for 2 meters above me -I didn’t want to go there gradually, there you could pick up the speed in the tracks this is to the talk about what kind of snowmobile is needed you can ride any but such situations are difficult to cope with thank god that the house is in the other direction sometimes in circular routes you need to cope with such slides and we do that somehow that’s the Khaos goes good in the tracks 2-3 meters higher -wait ride a little forward dominated almost done, almost the SKS got higher than others for now SKS is the best Voevoda, what would you like to say? -I had already said it, this person has only 2 gas positions: turned on/off just pressed and didn’t stop -a sealing ski rubber flew out the ski dangles -come on good 800 2.6, quick drive axys great -so, girls, who’s the next? ok everybody is below for now great 3” Patriot 850 a good trial -you went right, try to go left now 800 axys 3.2 tuned and an old 800 SKS did it the first they’re resenting 800? 600? that’s impossible wait yes, he’s at the top you have to press the gas here all the time let’s drink some tea -we had enough fun staying here lunch time lunch moose lard Polarises are everywhere testing the new hot dogger a great lunch we’re at the top of the mountain waiting for another person to go to the next stream it’s not cold to ride, but when you stop, you freeze slightly because of the wind it’s dangerous to go down like this the situation was even funnier than this yesterday when the snowmobile was riding down, the man hit the steering wheel and an air bag opened great we have content well, the weather everything is melting, everything is wet even smudges are visible on the lens getting darker, relief is no longer visible falling into streams it’s dangerous now it’s better to start moving to the home direction the package is waiting for me at the hotel I’m very interested in what is inside it was a great ride, a great company and a good weather! when we were driving home the temperature became higher than 0 and the snow became wet and heavy it was flying in pieces at the descents everything is wet that’s the weather when cameras break due to excessive humidity now the temperature is below 0 again very strong wind and snow there was a moment in the evening when there was no snow, but now it’s snowing again so we’re waiting for tomorrow because it might be better than today although today was gorgeous I was given snowmobile boots for testing as an aid for my channel at the beginning of last season FXR Helium Lite and 509 Raid so, what have happened today I’ve noticed that my favourite FXR are over the left and the right you can see which side do I ride more I ride the right traverse more standing with this boot on the right footboard what can I say about these boots and about the 509 at once I was using the 509 not often only in March because they’re light and comfortable but cold and despite the fact that I used them a little, they began to deteriorate there are already many defects but the BOA system is fine there are two regulators at the 509, separately for bottom and top and only one at the FXR this is the FXR light, I think I’ll buy the FXR pro next time the sole of the 509 is generally fine, but a piece is missed 509 remain as spare ones let’s talk about the FXR now the BOA is okay, but there’s no protective piece below as it’s on top but it works, everything is wonderful I was riding wearing the FXR Helium Lite about 90% of all the time these boots are very comfortable, hold the foot well and they’re moderately tough I don’t even know what are the disadvantages maybe two BOAs to evenly fix it on the foot because with one it turns out loose here and here I’ve just noticed a deep scratch the boots are not cracked, there’s a crease at the bend, but there is no perforating crack rather weak sole of course but it’s the only thing that’s how does a normal BOA looks like with the ptotection apparently I hit the boa somewhere, but the regulator remained it’s ok inside although I’ve been using them for 60 days this season and for about 50-60 days last season for sure you can conclude how many days do you use the boots these boots were used for about 100 days, their resource is 100 days I think it’s very good let me check I have the old Klim not updated, with two BOAs with two regulators one is barely alive this sole is not original, I changed it as the original one was very weak some logo it’s a Vibram sole here, if I’m not mistake these are the last warm, light and well-fixing Klim boots they are spare but I changed the sole and the original sole had spoiled less than a season of using this is my experience, your experience may be different poor FXRs they certainly have such disadvantage as weight but they are warm, comfortable and hold the foot well for which I am willing to sacrifice a few dozens of grams of leg weight so sad, but I hope that I will order the new boots in the coming days normal price for such quality boots that were used from November 25th up to the February 8th almost a season and a half the package is waiting for me, but I won’t pick it up now I’d rather pick it up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and shoot a video about it I guess I know what’s inside and this is the equipment that I have to tell you about that will be a separate video put the thumb up subscribe if you’re still not see you tomorrow bye

28 thoughts on “Ботинки FXR Helium Lite. Опыт использования. EP#264”

  1. Алексей,а tobe contego не рассматриваешь? не такие дубовые как fxr pro.интересно было бы послушать)

  2. Алексей смотрю Ваши ролики с удовольствием , но глаз режет когда по ходу видео появляется телефон с погодой , фокус теряется и после парк секунд ещё мыло , можно вставку делать окном плиз

  3. Привет, подскажи пожалуйста, имеется ли проблема с ремнями на суммитах? Горят? Ну и если есть опыт не только на новых, но примерно начиная с 2013 года….

  4. Алексей, как победить Конт руление на правую сторону.

  5. Алексей, соберёшься выкидывать fxr пошли их мне, у меня есть идея попробовать залатать их кордовой заплатой (которые используются при вулканизации Боковых порезов автошин) потом тебе обратно их пришлю, и ты снимешь что в итоге вышло, прикольный не стандартный контент👍)))[email protected] если что

  6. Леша покажи ночевку в одного, думаю интересно подписчикам посмотреть будет ну или с кем то

  7. Классная катка! Побольше таких съёмок с крутыми склонами и комментариями ! Очень понравилось! Все парни на очень хорошем уровне. Супер!

  8. Про боты. Есть сноубордические боты. Чем от горноснегоходных о личаются? Я пробовал в них катать, ноги мерзнут, странно как-то.

  9. воо то что я ждал👍👍 крутой обзор с заездом по ручью🤣👍

  10. Побрился ! Огонь! Сразу видно блогер и райдер !!!!!!Ставьте лайки Алексею за его труд- съёмка,монтаж и вы наслаждайтесь видио в теплом кресле ! Кто ставит дизлайки отзовитесь,я вам отвечу жёстко !!!!!!!!

  11. Самое прикольное в покатухах…это хавчик…а если в хорошей компании, то вообще огонь.

  12. А tode кто пользует?
    Как подошва на них живёт.
    Стоит вопрос покупки новых бот.

  13. Ресурс подошвы зависит от частоты очистки подножек и злости зацепов на них больше чем от пробега и дней катки…

  14. Ща как раз скидки в магазине который ты рекламировал в чёрную пятницу

  15. Алексей а как ты подошву на климах поменял ? Тоже прохудилась…

  16. Алексей. Выпуск бомба! Понравился турбовый звук с твоего снежика.Парни все катают по умному без засад. И главное безопасно! 👍

  17. Алексей добрый день, подскажи пожалуйста , катаюсь зимой исключительно на квадроцикле ( на гусянках) у меня встал выбор по поводу обуви. Есть четко два варианта это fxr и Baffin . Требования такие это чтобы ноги не мерзли и можно было комфортно пройтись слазя с квадрика. Обувь эту я не мерил и естественно не носил. Кто-то говорит что fxr лучше то есть заточены непосредственно для езды но смотрю на них и кажется, что наденешь их и как в колодку нога влетит. Кто-то говорит, что у Baffin подошва слабая но на вид они мягкие и кажется что в них будет удобнее. Короче говоря я не могу определиться с выбором. Обзоры я твои про обувь смотрел но там упор сделан на катании на снегоходе, а как в них по ходьбе не ясно. Вообщем буду признателен в твоём субъективном совете . Спасибо

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