spoken word

1.                  AVANT-GARDE. Lunapark 0,10. Compact disc. Sub Rosa Aural Documents SR80, 1999. Original recordings from Guillaume Apollinaire : 'Le Pont Mirabeau' Vladimir Maïakovski : 'Une aventure extraordinaire arrivée à Vladimir Maïakovski en été à la datcha' Vladimir Maïakovski : 'Ecoutez! - Poslouchaïtié' Richard Huelsenbeck : 'Phantastiche Gebete' Kurt Schwitters : 'Ursonate' James Joyce : 'Anna Livia Plurabelle' Gertrude Stein : 'If I Told Him, A Completed Portrait Of Picasso' Gertrude Stein : 'A Valentine To Sherwood Anderson' Antonin Artaud : 'Aliénation et magie noire' Tristan Tzara : 'Pour compte' Camille Bryen : 'Poème pour phono' Camille Bryen : 'Tête de coq' Marcel Duchamp : 'The Creative Act' E.E. Cummings : 'That Melancholy' E.E. Cummings : 'Let's From Some Loud Unworld's Most Rightful Wrong' Brion Gysin : 'Pistol Poem' Brion Gysin : 'No Poets' Brion Gysin : 'Junk Is No Good Baby' Julian Beck : 'Je n'ai pas le droit de voyager sans passeport' Gherasim Luca : 'Son corps léger' François Dufrène : 'Ouverture sans fin, Post-Scriptum au Tombeau de Pierre Larousse' Pierre Guyotat : 'EPQ (Encore plus que la lutte des classes, extrait)' Augusto De Campos : 'Cidade city cité' Augusto De Campos : 'Quazar' Augusto De Campos : 'Dias Dias Dias' Augusto De Campos : 'Pulsar'. Still sealed. £10.00

2.                  BECKETT, Samuel. MacGowran Speaking Beckett. Long-playing record. Claddagh Records CCT3, 1966. Musical accompaniment was provided by John Beckett (harmonium), Edward Beckett (flute) and Samuel himself (gong). Vinyl in fine condition, minor wear to sleeve. £45.00

3.                  [BECKETT, Samuel]. Krapp's Last Tape. Long-playing record. Spoken Arts SA788, [1960?]. Performed by Donald Davis. Directed by Alan Schneider. Pamphlet (12pp.) with text of play loosely inserted. Record & pamphlet near fine, sleeve has price and English import sticker on verso and is slightly worn. £16.00

4.                  [BECKETT, Samuel]. Jack Emery in 'A Remnant'. Long-playing record. Saga PSY30003, 1968. 'From the works of Samuel Beckett: Selected by Frank Doherty'. Emery reads from Endgame, the trilogy and From an abandoned work. Excellent in sleeve. £12.00

5.                  BEHAN, Brendan. Sings Songs from 'The Hostage' and Irish Ballads. Long-playing record. Argo RG239, 1960. Vinyl and sleeve in excellent condition. £50.00

6.                  BERGMAN, Ingrid (performs) & COCTEAU, Jean. The Human Voice. Long-playing record. Caedmon Literary Series TC1118. Cocteau's play translated into English by Maximilian Ilyin. Signed by Ingrid Bergman on the back cover. Record shop label on rear of sleeve which is also slightly creased and spotted. Minor marks to vinyl which plays well. £50.00

7.                  BUNTING, Basil. Basil Bunting Reads 'Briggflatts'. Long-playing record. Bloodaxe YRC0001, 1980. Recording made on 15 April 1977. Fine in sleeve showing minor wear. £20.00

8.                  CAMUS, Albert. Albert Camus Vous Parle. Long-playing record. Festival FLDX19, [1958?]. Camus reads an extract from L'Etranger, others read selections from other works. Vinyl in excellent condition, minor wear to the sleeve. £35.00

9.                  CAUSLEY, Charles. Causley reads Causley. Long-playing record. Sentinel SENS1028, 1975. 26 poems. A couple of surface marks to vinyl, excellent in sleeve showing minor wear only. £18.00

10.              CRISP, Quentin. An Evening With Quentin Crisp. Double vinyl album. DRG Records S2L5188, 1979. 'The Complete 1979 New York Performance - Recorded Live'. Liner note by Crisp. Light scratch to side D (not affecting play), import & price stickers. £20.00

11.              CUMMINGS, E.E (OK cummings, e.e.). Reads His Poetry. Long-playing record. Caedmon TC1017, [1953]. Vinyl and sleeve excellent. £30.00

12.              ELIOT, T.S. (reads). Four Quartets. Long-playing record. HMV CLP1115, [1955]. Vinyl in excellent condition, small sticker on verso of sleeve which has some minor spotting. £10.00

13.              ELIOT, T.S. (reads). Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. Long-playing record. Argo SW504, 1957. Minor marks to the vinyl, some creasing and wear to sleeve. £10.00

14.              FROST, Robert. Robert Frost in Recital. Long-playing record. Caedmon TC1523, 1976. Minor surface marks to the vinyl, plays fine. Minor wear to sleeve. £25.00

15.              GRAVES, Robert. Robert Graves reads Selected Poems. Long-playing mono record. Argo RG191, [1960]. Very nice vinyl, sleeve slightly creased at one corner. £15.00

16.              JONES, David (reads). Poets of Wales. Long-playing record. Argo ARG.3711/PLP1180, 1972. The author reads 'A,a,a, Domine Deus', 'The Wall', 'From "The Sleeping Lord"' and 'The Tribune's Visitation'. Minor marks to vinyl, plays fine, minor wear to sleeve.            £25.00

17.              JOYCE, James. James Joyce Reading "Anna Livia Plurabelle". Cambridge: The Orthological Institute, [1929]. Original 78RPM shellac record. Joyce's second recording, an eight-and-a-half minute excerpt from the 'Anna Livia Plurabelle' section in Work in Progress. Spindle and pencil marks to one label, some scratches and other marks. Strong crackle, hard to grade. Good. £575.00

18.              KAVANAGH, Patrick. Welsh, John & Magee, Patrick (read). Patrick Kavanagh at the King's Head. Long-playing record. Elektra K32003, 1973. Some light scratches and marks to vinyl, plays with slight crackle, ring and other minor wear to sleeve which has a small yellow sticker on the front cover. £16.00

19.              LARKIN, Philip (reading). The Less Deceived. Original long-playing record. Listen / Classics Club PX2000, [1959]. Recorded in October 1958 and released in Spring 1959. Minor surface marks to vinyl, plays well, albeit with a slight crackle; sleeve slightly creased. £200.00

20.              LARKIN, Philip (reads and comments on). The Whitsun Weddings. Original long-playing record. Listen / Marvell Press, [1965]. Recorded in September 1964 and released in October 1965. Vinyl in excellent condition, plays well with slight crackle, notably at start of each side; minor creasing and wear to sleeve. £200.00

21.              MacNEICE, Louis. Reads Selected Poems. Long-playing record. Argo ARG2151, [1961]. Sleeve note by the poet. Some sleeve removal scuff marks and very minor scratches to vinyl, plays well. Minor creasing to sleeve. £30.00

22.              MAHON, Derek. Derek Mahon reads his poetry. Long-playing record. Dublin: Claddagh, 1973. Vinyl in excellent condition, light ringwear to outer sleeve which is also slightly bumped at the corners, one seam of inner paper sleeve splitting. £45.00

23.              POETRY ANTHOLOGY. Poesia Sonora. Long-playing record. Recorthings & Zona Archives RT9002, 2001. Clear vinyl, black sleeve variant. Sound Poetry compilation originally released in 1975. Includes Brion Gysin's 'I Am'. Some marks to vinyl, abrasion to sleeve where price-sticker clumsily removed. £10.00

24.              POETRY ANTHOLOGY. The Poet Speaks Record Five. Long-playing record. Argo PLP1085, 1965. The poets are Sylvia Plath (Lady Lazarus, Daddy & Fever 103°), Ted Hughes, Peter Porter & Thom Gunn. Very minor light scratches and wear, plays fine. Minor creasing to sleeve. £15.00

25.              POETRY ANTHOLOGY. The Poet Speaks Record Nine. Long-playing record. Argo PLP1089, 1967. The poets are Seamus Heaney, Louis MacNeice, Austin Clarke, Ian Crichton Smith, Norman MacCaig, Sydney Goodsir Smith & Hugh MacDiarmid. Library markings, minor creasing and wear to tape-repaired sleeve. Vinyl in excellent condition. £10.00

26.              STEVENS, Wallace. Wallace Stevens Reading, original long-playing record. Caedmon TC1068, [1957?]. Evidence of sticker removal on labels, indicating an ex-library copy. Some marks to vinyl which plays well enough, albeit with a crackle. Ownership inscription & annotation on verso of sleeve which is also creased, slightly bumped at one corner and worn at the spine and opening. £20.00

27.              THOMAS, R.S. Reading his own Poems. Long-playing record. Welsh Arts Council Oriel Records OR004, 1976. Vinyl and sleeve excellent. £20.00

28.               WILLIAMS, William Carlos. William Carlos Williams Reads His Poetry, original long-playing record. Caedmon TC1047, [1954?]. 'Recorded at the Poet's Home in Rutherford, New Jersey June 6, 1954'. Minor surface marks to vinyl, plays fine. Ownership inscription on verso of sleeve which is also creased, slightly bumped at one corner and worn at the spine. £25.00