music papers

1.                  Album Tracking. Two issues: January & September, 1977. January: Sex Pistols on cover & Bill Grundy snippet. Writing on cover. September: 'Punk Pile' cover & article ('Who's Who in the New Wave'), Ultravox interview, Jonathan Richman. G. £10.00

2.                  Melody Maker. 13/12/75. Patti Smith's 'Horses' reviewed, swimming against the tide of critical opinion Steve Lake is not impressed. G. £4.00

3.                  Melody Maker. 15/7/78. Clash, Tony Visconti reviews the singles. G. £5.00

4.                  Melody Maker. 24/1/81. Bunnymen, Associates, Robert Wyatt. G. £4.00

5.                  Melody Maker. 31/1/81. Psychedelic Furs, Passions. £4.00

6.                  Melody Maker. 7/2/81. Basement 5, Sheena Easton. £3.00

7.                  Melody Maker. 4/4/81. Adam & the Ants, Liverpool scene. £4.00

8.                  Melody Maker. 18/4/81. Teardrop Explodes, John Cale, Polecats. £4.00

9.                  Melody Maker. 9/5/81. Springsteen, Malcolm McLaren, Depeche Mode. £4.00

10.              Melody Maker. 30/5/81. The Beat, Psychedelic Furs, Birmingham scene. £4.00

11.              Melody Maker. 13/6/81. Magazine, Tenpole Tudor, Peter Tosh. £4.00

12.              Melody Maker. 4/7/81. UB40, Kraftwerk, Bauhaus. £4.00

13.              Musicians Only. 13/12/80. Talking Heads cover & article, Ruts DC & U2 interviews. G. £5.00

14.              National Rockstar. Two issues: 5&12/2/77. Buzzcocks, Lou Reed & Frank Zappa interviews. Writing on cover. G. £5.00


15.              New Musical Express. 15/6/74. Keith Richards cover & Nick Kent interview. Letter from Morrissey ('Steve Morrissey 384 Kings Road Stretford Manchester'), his first to the music press, extolling Sparks' Kimono My House LP. A bit like Keith at the time this copy is torn and frayed. £12.00

16.              New Musical Express. 27/12/75. First mention of Sex Pistols in print, an amusing report by Kate Phillips of the 'All Night Christmas Ball' at Queen Elizabeth College. According to the gig archive on the official Sex Pistols site this was the group's fourth gig (27/11/75). Unfortunately Kate missed the show [!] but she finds them "huddled against a far wall of the dance floor. They are all about 12 years old. Or maybe about 19, but you could be fooled. They're managed by Malcolm who runs 'Sex' in the Kings Road, and they're going to be the Next Big Thing . . . A jig band came on. The students broke into the Gay Gordons. 'What a monstrosity,' muttered a Sex Pistol gloomily". Sounds like? Cheap paper browning. £20.00

17.              New Musical Express. 3/1/76. 'Is Rock'n'Roll Ready for 1976?'. £8.00

18.              New Musical Express. 17/1/76. Roots of British Rock, Penny Reel reggae column. £8.00

19.              New Musical Express. 24/1/76. 'Is Rock'n'Roll an old man's game?', Lou Reed. £8.00

20.              New Musical Express. 31/1/76. Television, Faces. £8.00

21.              New Musical Express. 7/2/76. Bill Nelson, Penny Reel on Junior Byles, Link Wray, Kursaal Flyers. £8.00

22.              New Musical Express. 14/2/76. David Bowie world tour preview, Queen, Robert Plant. £8.00

23.              New Musical Express. 21/2/76. Patti Smith, Toots Hibbert, Sex Pistols Marquee review 'Don't look over your shoulder but the Sex Pistols are coming'. 2cm tear runs through it. £12.00

24.              New Musical Express. 7/3/76. David Bowie, Gil Scott-Heron. £8.00

25.              New Musical Express. 3/4/76. Neil Young, Eddie & the Hot Rods, Sex Pistols / 101ers Nashville ad (£1 admission). £10.00

26.              New Musical Express. 10/4/76. Teddy Boys, Rock Follies, Stranglers ad. £8.00

27.              New Musical Express. 17/4/76. Dr Feelgood in USA, Sweet, ELO, Sex Pistols / 101ers at the Nashville review. £10.00

28.              New Musical Express. 24/4/76. Rolling Stones (Ian Stewart interview), J.J. Cale, Dr Alimantado, Bob Marley & the Wailers 'Rastaman Vibration' tour ad, Sex Pistols / 101ers Nashville ad. £8.00

29.              New Musical Express. 1/5/76. Buffy Sainte-Marie, Horace Silver (not the gangster), Patti Smith Roundhouse ad, Sex Pistols Nashville ad. £8.00

30.              New Musical Express. 8/5/76. Future Pet Shop Boy, reader Neil Tennant reports on a fracas at a Sex Pistols gig at the Nashville, Bob Marley & the Wailers 'Rastaman Vibration' review, David Bowie's 'Heil and Farewell' at Victoria Station. £10.00

31.              New Musical Express. 15/5/76. David Bowie, Nick Kent reviews the Ramones debut LP, Patti Smith 'Horses' and Roundhouse gig ad. £10.00

32.              New Musical Express. 22/5/76. Patti Smith Roundhouse review by Barry Miles, Mick Farren on Elvis. £8.00

33.              New Musical Express. 29/5/76. Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Gram Parsons feature, Joe Higgs, Sonny Rollins, 'The Sex Pistol Management' ad. £10.00

34.              New Musical Express. 12/6/76. David Hare's 'Teeth 'n' Smiles' with Helen Mirren, NME readers' top 100 45s. £8.00

35.              New Musical Express. 26/6/76. Bryan Ferry, Rod Stewart, Robert Wyatt, Dr Feelgood. £8.00

36.              New Musical Express. 3/7/76. Sex Pistols in 'On the Town' column ('it will take a far better band than them to create a raw music for their generation') , 'So It Goes' with Tony Wilson launched by Granada TV. £10.00

37.              New Musical Express. 10/7/76. Thin Lizzy, Modern Lovers LP, Ramones at the Roundhouse, New York Dolls in New Orleans. £10.00

38.              New Musical Express. 17/7/76. Ramones, Flamin' Groovies, Granada TV's 'So It Goes' reviewed ('the first problem is the presenter Tony Wilson'). £10.00

39.              New Musical Express. 24/7/76. Runaways ('jailbait of the month'), timely 'Hip Young Gunslingers' ad that famously recruited Julie Burchill and Tony Parsons. £12.00

40.              New Musical Express. 31/7/76. Kenneth Anger, Fleetwood Mac. £8.00

41.              New Musical Express. 7/8/76. Donovan, Eric Clapton, Sun Ra. £8.00

42.              New Musical Express. 14/8/76. Ron Wood, Runaways at CBGB. £8.00

43.              New Musical Express. 21/8/76. Parliament / Funkadelic, Blue Oyster Cult, Penny Reel on Virgin's Front Line and other new releases, Sex Pistols ad for gig at West Runton. £10.00

44.              New Musical Express. 25/9/76. Bob Dylan cover. £8.00

45.              New Musical Express. 9/10/76. Marvin Gaye. £8.00

46.              New Musical Express. 16/10/76. Roots Rock Reggae Jamaica (part I). £8.00

47.              New Musical Express. 25/12/76. Sex Pistols' 'Anarchy' tour in Manchester, Generation X, Julie Burchill on Roxy Music. £10.00


48.              New Musical Express. 8/1/77. Can, Saints, Pistols, reviews include Talking Heads at CBGB. VG. £10.00

49.              New Musical Express. 20/8/77. MC5 Wayne Kramer cover and prison interview, making of the Live at the Roxy album, Lewisham anti-NF riot, Sham at the Roxy. Chip from cover (loosely inserted) else VG. £10.00

50.              New Musical Express. 24/9/77. Marc Bolan RIP, Adverts. Ad for Clash/Complete Control. VG. £8.00

51.              New Musical Express. 1/10/77. MC5's Rob Tyner on the London punk scene, Jonathan Richman, Lee Perry, Boomtown Rats. Two pages loose, else VG. £6.00

52.              New Musical Express. 3/12/77. Buzzcocks cover and article, Sex Pistols’ Bollocks cover obscenity trial & Inside Story book, Prefects, Brian Eno. One ¼ page ad cut out, else VG. £8.00

53.              New Musical Express. 10/12/77. Clash cover and Lester Bangs article (part one), review of early Fall gig at Katie’s, Nottingham (‘visually odd and angry’). VG. £10.00

54.              New Musical Express. 17/12/77. Wire, Sid Vicious, Clash (Lester Bangs article part two), Readers' Poll. VG. £10.00

55.              New Musical Express. 24 & 31/12/77. Double issue. Best of NME Rock Photography 1977, Ian Dury, Clash (Lester Bangs article part three), Kraftwerk. VG. £10.00


56.              New Musical Express. 11/2/78. Tom Robinson Band cover and article, Patrik Fitzgerald, Psychedelic Punkeroo Twink quits London, Motorhead, Eddie & the Hot Rods. VG. £8.00

57.              New Musical Express. 25/2/78. Magazine cover and article, Rezillos, Big in Japan, Split Enz, Strummer in hospital after gobbing infection. VG. £8.00

58.              New Musical Express. 11/3/78. Sham 69 cover and article, Only Ones, Penny Reel in Jamaica, Radio Birdman, Bill Nelson. EX. £8.00

59.              New Musical Express. 25/3/78. Elvis Costello cover and article, Damned announce farewell gig, Stiff Little Fingers, Kate Bush, Adverts, Doctors of Madness. VG. £8.00

60.              New Musical Express. 29/4/78. Kraftwerk cover, article & review. G. £5.00

61.              New Musical Express. 27/5/78. PiL cover and article, Johnny Moped, excellent article by Chris Salewicz in Jamaica. Ads. include Bowie/tour ('Welcome David'). VG. £8.00

62.              New Musical Express. 8/7/78. Devo cover and article, Boney M, Matumbi, live review of Wire by Mark Ellen (‘ultimately no fun at all’), each to his own. EX. £8.00

63.              New Musical Express. 15/7/78. Clash cover and article, Tom Waits, Soft Boys, Big Star retro. VG. £8.00

64.              New Musical Express. 23/9/78. Ramones, Stiff Records, Annette Peacock, 999, Dave Edmunds, Stranglers Battersea Park review. Tear to back cover, else VG. £6.00

65.              New Musical Express. 7/10/78. Slits cover and article, Dr Feelgood, Wayne County. Great ads for Jam/Tube Station & Sham/Hurry Up Harry. NME Book of Modern Music insert missing, writing in small ads, else EX. £8.00

66.              New Musical Express. 21/10/78. Sid Vicious prison interview and article, XTC cover and article, Poly Styrene, Prag Vec. VG. £8.00

67.              New Musical Express. 11/11/78. Penetration cover and article, John Cooper-Clarke, Pistols movie details, Bethnal. Two pages torn, else VG. £6.00

68.              New Musical Express. 23/12/78. PiL cover and article, Siouxsie, Ian Dury, Doors interview (one not present), Best of NME Rock Photography 1978. EX. £10.00


69.              New Musical Express. 6/1/79. Richard Hell, Graham Fellows in Coronation Street, Protex. One small pic cut out else VG. £4.00

70.              New Musical Express. 20/1/79. Gang of Four cover, The Passage, Crass, Peter Gabriel, 1978 Readers Poll. VG. £5.00

71.              New Musical Express. 10/2/79. Rough Trade, Sham 69 announce no more gigs, fanzines, Sid Vicious RIP, John Cooper Clarke reviews the singles, Jean Jacques Burnel, Killing an Arab ad. VG. £5.00

72.              New Musical Express. 24/2/79. Dennis Brown cover, Patrik Fitzgerald, Motörhead, Doll by Doll. Ads. include Sex Pistols/Swindler Comic & Something Else centrefold (a bit creased and torn). VG. £5.00

73.              New Musical Express. 17/3/79. Bob Marley, Only Ones cover, The Jam in Germany, Pretenders, Leyton Buzzards. VG. £5.00

74.              New Musical Express. 16/6/79. PiL cover, prag VEC, the return of Peter Green, Peter Tosh. VG. £5.00

75.              New Musical Express. 23/6/79. Cramps cover, Nina Hagen, Robert Fripp, James Chance, Tourists, ad for Pistols’ Vicious-Burger. VG. £5.00

76.              New Musical Express. 15/9/79. Undertones cover, Banshees split, Revillos, James Brown, Futurama review. VG. £5.00

77.              New Musical Express. 27/10/79. Sham 69 cover, Nips (Shane MacGowan), Distractions, Tourists, Julian Temple. VG. £5.00

78.              New Musical Express.10/11/79. Bob Marley cover. Au Pairs, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dolly Mixtures, Wilson Pickett, Blue Oyster Cult, Another Pretty Face, review of The Fall/Dragnet. Some creasing, VG. £5.00

79.              New Musical Express. 17/11/79. Secret Affair cover, Residents, Pete Meaden & Mod. VG. £5.00

80.              New Musical Express. 24/11/79. PiL cover, Madness, Damned, Julie Burchill on blockbuster novels, Poison Girls, PiL Metal Box lyrics ad. VG. £5.00

81.              New Musical Express. 1/12/79. Skids cover, Passions, Annette Peacock, Funkadelic, Dr Feelgood, PiL Metal Box lyrics ad. VG. £5.00

82.              New Musical Express. 15/12/79. Apocalypse Now cover, Dead Kennedys, Joe Jackson, Doll By Doll, Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson. VG. £5.00

83.              New Musical Express. 22/12/79. Talking Heads, Specials, Raincoats, Rock Photography 1979, Guy Stevens, Tim Buckley retro, OMD. VG. £5.00


84.              New Musical Express. 5/1/80. The Fall, Electronic Music, Simple Minds. Crossword completed. VG/G. £3.00

85.              New Musical Express. 2/2/80. Iggy Pop, Durutti Column, Basement 5, Ramones. VG/G. £3.00

86.              New Musical Express. 1/3/80. Magazine, John Foxx, Joe Ely, Chords, New Wave of British Heavy Metal. VG/G. £3.00

87.              New Musical Express. 8/3/80. The Beat, Jerry Lee Lewis, Squeeze, Good Vibrations & Small Wonder Records, The Flowers. VG/G. £3.00

88.              New Musical Express. 15/3/80. Killing Joke, Delta 5, Robert Fripp, Feelies, Tom Petty. VG/G. £3.00

89.              New Musical Express. 22/3/80. The Jam, U2, Wilko Johnson, The Knack. VG/G. £3.00

90.              New Musical Express. 29/3/80. Women in Rock, Stiff Little Fingers, Cramps, Flying Lizards. £5.00

91.              New Musical Express. 5/4/80. Teardrop Explodes, Members, Richard Hell, Chrissie Hynde, Pennie Smith Clash USA photodiary. Writing on cover. £5.00

92.              New Musical Express. 12/4/80. Rock/Fashion: How Street Becomes High Street, Mensi, The Police, Earl Hines, Black Uhuru. VG/G. £3.00

93.              New Musical Express. 26/4/80. Undertones, Monochrome Set, Sugar Minott, Bad Manners, J.J. Cale, Motors, Ian McEwan. VG/G. £3.00

94.              New Musical Express. 21/6/80. Slits/Pop Group, Gang of Four, Wah! Heat, Radio 1. VG/G. £3.00

95.              New Musical Express. 28/6/80. Bunnymen, Mick Jagger, DAF, ICA Rock Week (The Fall etc). £5.00

96.              New Musical Express. 12/7/80. The Cure, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Human League, home taping. £5.00

97.              New Musical Express. 19/7/80. Martin Hannett, Ian Dury & Wilko Johnson, Plasmatics, UB40, Wire, Joy Division's 'Closer' reviewed. £5.00

98.              New Musical Express. 26/7/80. Brian Eno, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Cristina Monet, Vic Godard. £5.00

99.              New Musical Express. 2/8/80. Stranglers, Selecter, TV Personalities/Teenage Filmstars, Sector 27. £5.00

100.          New Musical Express. 16/8/80. The Beat, i-D magazine, Robert Wyatt, Invisible Girls, E.P. Thompson, Roxy Music. VG/G. £3.00

101.          New Musical Express. 13/9/80. David Bowie extensive interview, Manicured Noise, Ultravox, Blue Oyster Cult. Name on cover. £5.00

102.          New Musical Express. 20/9/80. B-52s, XTC, Futurama Festival. £5.00

103.          New Musical Express. 4/10/80. Postcard Records, Orange Juice, Josef K, Dead Kennedys, Madness, Simple Minds, Black Uhuru. £5.00

104.          New Musical Express. 18/10/80. Pretenders, Fela Kuti, 4" Be 2", Mo-dettes, Sam Fuller, Distractions. VG/G. £3.00


105.          New Musical Express. 8/5/82. Anton Corbijn (Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer), Soft Cell, Z'ev, Iron Maiden. £4.00

106.          New Musical Express. 19/6/82. Roxy Music, Wham!, Tom Verlaine, Palais Schaumberg. VG/G. £3.00

107.          New Musical Express. 21/8/82. Grandmaster Flash, Everything but the Girl (Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer), Eurythmics, Pastels, Aswad, Virginia Astley, David Lynch. £4.00.

108.          New Musical Express. 28/8/82. Monochrome Set, King Sunny Ade, Flipper, Wyston Marsalis, John Milius, David Stockell. £4.00


109.          New Musical Express. 26/3/83. Birthday Party, Depeche Mode, Kurt Vonnegut, Gil Evans. £4.00

110.          New Musical Express. 2/4/83. Madness, Prince, Paul Foot, Undertones, Pigbag. VG/G. £3.00

111.          New Musical Express. 16/4/83. David Bowie, Julian Cope, Pete Shelley, Frank Tovey. £4.00

112.          New Musical Express. 14/5/83. Smiths, Virgin Prunes, Nic Roeg, Muddy Waters obituary, Creatures. £6.00

113.          New Musical Express. 21/5/83. Bauhaus, Thelonius Monk. £3.00

114.          New Musical Express. 18/6/83. Wham!, Lydia Lunch, Residents. £3.00

115.          New Musical Express. 2/7/83. Tony Marchant, African music in Paris, Dead or Alive, Stonehenge Free Festival report. £3.00

116.          New Musical Express. 9/7/83. Curtis Mayfield, Howard Devoto. £3.00

117.          New Musical Express. 23/7/83. New Order, Xmal Deutschland, Carmel, SPK, Altered Images, King Sunny Ade. £3.00

118.          New Musical Express. 30/7/83. Mick Talbot, Jah Wobble, Tony Parsons (interviewed, something was going wrong), Motown. £3.00

119.          New Musical Express. 27/8/83. Talking Heads, General Public, Kitchenware Records. £3.00

120.          New Musical Express. 3/9/83. Simple Minds, UB40. £3.00

121.          New Musical Express. 10/9/83. Alan Vega, Billy Mackenzie, Virginia Astley. £3.00

122.          New Musical Express. 17/9/83. Smiths (Morrissey's Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer), Depeche Mode, Dennis Brown. £6.00

123.          New Musical Express. 24/9/83. Smiths, Gymslips. £6.00

124.          New Musical Express. 1/10/83. Tom Waits, The Fall, Clare Grogan, Ian Dury. Splatter on cover. £3.00

125.          New Musical Express. 8/10/83. Die tödliche Doris, Eurythmics, Elvis Costello. £3.00

126.          New Musical Express. 15/10/83. Kate Bush, Waylon Jennings, prisons. £3.00

127.          New Musical Express. 22/10/83. SPK, J.G. Ballard, XTC. £3.00

128.          New Musical Express. 29/10/83. Ray Davies, Julie Burchill reviews the singles, The Assembly. £3.00

129.          New Musical Express. 5/11/83. Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Madonna, The Specimen, Matt Johnson, Philip Glass, REM, John Lydon, Smiths This Charming Man ad. £4.00

130.          New Musical Express. 12/11/83. The Immaculate Consumptive: Nick Cave, Marc Almond, Lydia Lunch & Clint Ruin / The Cure (Robert Smith's Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer) / Smiths' 'This Charming Man' single reviewed by Paul Morley / Keith Levine. £6.00

131.          New Musical Express. 19/11/83. Debbie Harry, Alien Sex Fiend, Violent Femmes, Anti Nowhere League. £3.00

132.          New Musical Express. 26/11/83. Chrissie Hynde, Junior Walker, Fela Kuti. £3.00

133.          New Musical Express. 3/12/83. Julian Cope article on 60s Psych/Garage, Mike Leigh, Pink Industry. £3.00

134.          New Musical Express. 10/12/83. Cocteau Twins, Bourgie Bourgie. £6.00

135.          New Musical Express. 17/12/83. Psychic TV, Jah Wobble, Joan Rivers, Animal Liberation. £4.00

136.          New Musical Express. 24&31/12/83. Pat Nevin, Siouxsie, Mark E. Smith. £4.00


137.          New Musical Express. 7/1/84. Roddy Frame. T-Bone Burnett. £3.00

138.          New Musical Express. 14/1/84. Bunny Wailer, X, Billy Bragg. £3.00

139.          New Musical Express. 21/1/84. Soft Cell, Madness. £3.00

140.          New Musical Express. 28/1/84. Holger Hiller, Aswad, Gene Loves Jezebel. £3.00

141.          New Musical Express. 4/2/84. Smiths. £10.00

142.          New Musical Express. 11/2/84. Edwyn Collins, Propaganda, Easterhouse, Beki Bondage, TV Personalities, Yoko Ono. £3.00

143.          New Musical Express. 18/2/84. Factory Records, Paul Morley on himself, Fred & Judy Vermorel. £3.00

144.          New Musical Express. 25/2/84. Poison Girls, 23 Skidoo, Clash. £3.00

145.          New Musical Express. 3/3/84. Scorpions, Hanoi Rocks, Whitesnake. £3.00

146.          New Musical Express. 10/3/84. Style Council, Dr John, Edwyn Collins (Portrait of the Artist as a Consumer), Alexi Sayle, John Cale. £3.00

147.          New Musical Express. 17/3/84. Scott Walker, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Foetus. £3.00

148.          New Musical Express. 31/3/84. Marc Riley, Inca Babies, Frank Chickens. £3.00

149.          New Musical Express. 7/4/84. Marvin Gaye. £3.00

150.          New Musical Express. 21/4/84. REM, Danse Society, Robert Altman, Three Johns. £3.00

151.          New Musical Express. 28/4/84. Cajun Music Special, The Fall Perverted by Language Bis video reviewed. £3.00

152.          New Musical Express. 5/5/84. Spear of Destiny, Cabaret Voltaire, Nena & Die Toten Hosen, Bluebells. £3.00

153.          New Musical Express. 12/5/84. Nick Cave, Holger Czukay, Lloyd Cole. £3.00

154.          New Musical Express. 19/5/84. Bunnymen Crystal Day, Mad Professor, Bronski Beat. £3.00

155.          New Musical Express. 26/5/84. Cure, Everything but the Girl, REM, Nigel Planer. £3.00

156.          New Musical Express. 4/8/84. Rik Mayall, Bunnymen. £3.00

157.          New Musical Express. 11/8/84. Pogues, David Sylvian, Hagar the Womb. £6.00

158.          New Musical Express. 18/8/84. Heaven 17, Jerry Dammers. £3.00

159.          New Musical Express. 1/9/84. James Brown & Afrika Bambaata, Tom Verlaine. £6.00

160.          New Musical Express. 8/9/84. Spinal Tap, Marc Almond, Robert Wyatt. £3.00

161.          New Musical Express. 15/9/84. Black Flag, US Hardcore, Husker Du. £6.00

162.          New Musical Express. 22/9/84. Boy George, John Hurt. £3.00

163.          New Musical Express. 29/9/84. David Bowie, Boy George. £3.00

164.          New Musical Express. 6/10/84. Billy Bragg, The Cult, Bobby Womack. £3.00

165.          New Musical Express. 13/10/84. Derek Bailey, ZTT, Lemmy, Go-Betweens. £3.00

166.          New Musical Express. 20/10/84. MTV, Screaming Blue Messiahs, Paul Weller, Roddy Frame. £3.00

167.          New Musical Express. 3/11/84. The Fall, Yeah Yeah No. Redskins. £3.00

168.          New Musical Express. 17/11/84. Lee Perry, John Sayles, Gary Holton, Cabaret Voltaire. One pic cut out. £3.00

169.          1/12/84. New Musical Express. Everything but the Girl, Chaka Khan, Ian McCulloch, Strawberry Switchblade, Hugh Cornwell. One pic cut out. £3.00

170.          New Musical Express. 8/12/84. Cocteau Twins, Jesus and Mary Chain, David Byrne. £6.00

171.          New Musical Express. 18/5/91. Morrissey. Together with an NME Morrissey poster and adverts. £4.00

172.          New Musical Express. 19/10/91. Morrissey, Gary Clail, Leonard Cohen. £4.00


173.          PopStar. Final issue. London, 1979. Music paper that merged with Record Mirror. Blondie, Kirsty MacColl, Steel Pulse, Boomtown Rats, Paula Yates. Minor creasing. £6.00


174.          Record Mirror. 2/8/80. Siouxsie, Stranglers, Pauline Murray 'Star Choice'. Torn at cover. G. £4.00

175.          Record Mirror. 9/5/81. Clash, Vaughan Toulouse/ Department S 'Star Choice'. £4.00

176.          Record Mirror. 16/5/81. Bob Marley tribute, PiL, Cure. £4.00


177.          Sounds. 28/10/78. Sham 69, Can at Inner Space, London reggae scene, Grace Jones, Bryan Ferry. Ads include Jam/All Mod Cons. £6.00

178.          Sounds. 6/1/79. Joe Jackson, 'Sandy Robertson on the Tumescence of Throbbing Gristle', Ruts, Protex. £6.00

179.          Sounds. 14/7/79. Clash cover and article, Motörhead , Fashion. Reviews include Joy Division/Unknown Pleasures with great band picture. £5.00

180.          Sounds. 6/2/82. Anti-Nowhere League, Tav Falco's Panther Burns, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Ippu Do, Bushell on Punk's New Age. £4.00

181.          Sounds. 13/3/82. New York Rap scene, Rubella Ballet, Monsoon cover and article, Blancmange, ABC, Wild Swans. £4.00

182.          Sounds. 27/3/82. Charge, Scorpions, Thin Lizzy, Toni Basil. £4.00

183.          Sounds. 8/5/82. The Fall, Joan Jett, Haysi Fantayzee. £4.00

184.          Sounds. 15/5/82. Madness, Metal, Farmers Boys, Conflict. £4.00

185.          Sounds. 12/6/82. Adicts, March Violets, Culture Club, Tony Wilson, Blue Orchids, August Darnell. £4.00

186.          Sounds. 4/9/82. Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Scritti Politti, Rip Rig & Panic, Rasses, Depeche Mode. £4.00


187.          Strange Days. No.1. London, [1970]. 'The British Rock Paper'. MC5, Festivals, Duncan Browne. Cheap paper browning, creasing & wear. £10.00