fanzines & magazines

1.                  After Hours. No.2. Axbridge, 1979. 24pp. The Fall, Reptile Ranch, The Door & The Window, Dogma Cats, Rock Against Sexism. One of two staples missing, vertical crease, further creasing and minor wear. £20.00

2.                  Allied Propaganda. No.8. London, 1983. 28pp. The Fall, Shriekback, fanzines, reviews including New Order and 23 Skidoo. Creasing. £12.00

3.                  bb gun. No.6. Hoboken, 2003. Vincent Gallo, Roland S. Howard, Michael Gira, Chris Buck photography, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yoko Ono, James Chance, Sonic Youth, Jim O'Rourke, Mick Farren, Lee Hazlewood. Creasing. £10.00

4.                  bb Gun. No.7. Hoboken, 2004. 116pp. Breyer P-Orridge cover & article. Cover signed by Genesis & Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, with embossed ‘Porridge with Everything stamp’. Numerous GP-O/PTV flyers & stickers loosely inserted. £30.00

5.                  Blah Blah Blah. No.2. London, 1996. 100pp. MTV sponsored mag featuring Shaun Ryder, Prince Naseem Hamed, Robert Rodriguez, Salma Hayek, Sleeper. Minor wear. £5.00

6.                  City Fun. Vol 2 No 29. Manchester, 1981. 12pp. Local news, reviews (including a scathing one of New Order at the Ritz). Interview with Mike Bartlett of Rochdale Free Press. A4 gig guide loosely inserted. Creasing. £10.00

7.                  City Fun. Vol 2 No 30. Manchester, 1981. 12pp. Local news, reviews etc. Creasing. £10.00

8.                  City Fun. Vol 2 No 31. Manchester, 1981. 16pp. Local news, reviews etc. Glen Baxter cover & cartoons from The Impending Gleam. Patch of abrasion to cover, creasing. £10.00

9.                  Clyde Guide. No.1. Glasgow, 1978. Newspaper format listings guide produced by Radio Clyde. Blondie cover and article (the paper follows the group around town, watches Debbie buy an eye pencil and fails to secure an interview). Light spotting, some wear and tear. £10.00

10.              Common Knowledge. No.1. London, [1979]. 36pp. An issue devoted to 'the politics of record distribution' with Mark Perry, Mayo Thompson & Desperate Bicycles interviews, Mekons, 'How to Make a Record' etc. Minor creasing and wear. £25.00

11.              Creem. Vol 8 No 1 (June, 1976). Lester Bangs in Jamaica (part one), Ian Stewart interview ('the real sixth Rolling Stone'), 'new' drug 'Green' (ketamine - 'the perfect high?'). Minor wear. £5.00

12.              Creem. Vol 11 No 1 (June, 1979). Blondie cover & article, Elvis Costello poster, Dire Straits, The Police, Boomtown Rats. Minor wear. £5.00

13.              EG Newsletter. No.4. New York, 1981. 18pp. Brian Eno, Killing Joke, Lounge Lizards, Robert Fripp, Bryan Ferry, EG news. Minor creasing and staining. £20.00

14.              "Enovations". Issue for Summer, 1979. Wallasey, 1979. 24pp. Minor creasing and wear. £20.00

15.              "Enovations". Issue for 1981. Wallasey, 1981. 30pp. Minor creasing. £20.00

16.              The Face. No.13. London, 1981. Bow Wow Wow/ Malcolm McLaren, Department S, Hazel O'Connor, Brion Gysin, Brian Setzer, Killing Joke, Grace Jones, 4AD Records, Russell Mills. Minor creasing. £15.00

17.              The Face. No.15. London, 1981. Specials, Orange Juice, James Chance, The Plastics/Yellow Magic Orchestra fashion shoot, Bob Marley's funeral, Was (Not Was), Bill Nelson, Grace Jones. Creasing, minor wear. £12.00

18.              The Face. No.16. London, 1981. Bunnymen, Quentin Crisp, Restricted Code, Racial Violence in Coventry, Gary Kemp, Polaroids, ABC. Creasing, minor wear. £12.00

19.              The Face. No.17. London, 1981. Human League, Ian Dury, video, tattoos, Cabaret Voltaire, Jah Wobble. Creasing, minor wear. £12.00

20.              The Face. No.18. London, 1981. Pamela Stephenson, John Peel, Madness, Blondie, Simple Minds, Don Letts, Japan. Minor staining and creasing. £5.00

21.              The Face. No.21. London, 1982. Depeche Mode, Marc Almond, Vic Godard, Kensington Market, Rik Mayall, 1981 review, What is Funk? Creasing and wear. £10.00

22.              The Face. No.22. London, 1982. Siouxsie, Japan, Rip Rig & Panic, Jordan, Chris Blackwell, Haircuts, Bauhaus, Y Records, Rico. Minor creasing and wear. £10.00

23.              The Face. No.70. London, 1986. Nick Knight punk-inspired fashion photography & cover, David Toop on Hip Hop, Julie Burchill on Lads, Jon Savage on Punk (as usual), Pet Shop Boys. £5.00

24.              The Face. No.75. London, 1986. Bizarre ‘Who’s Shooting Who’ spoof fashion spread depicting the warring factions in the Middle East, Paris Fashion, Billy Idol, Anthony Hopkins, Philip Glass. £5.00

25.              The Face. No.96. London , 1988. Pogues, J.G. Ballard, Neville Brody, Robert Townsend, Alex Arts Eats fashion spread, Ziggy Marley, Jazz, Bros, Is There Life Beyond Black? £5.00

26.              The Face. No.97. London, 1988. Yazz, Detroit Techno, UK Gospel, Jodie Foster, Shinehead, Marco Pierre White, Gordon Burn on Stephen Hendry, Viennese skinheads. £5.00

27.              The Face. Vol.2 No.16. London, 1990. Stone Roses cover, Nick Kent on Madchester, Manfred Gestritch photography, Weegee, Jungle Brothers. £5.00

28.              The Face. Vol.2 No.18. London, 1990. Morrissey cover and article by Nick Kent, London v Manchester, Boo-Yaa Tribe, Juergen Teller, Is Fashion Dead? (unsurprisingly The Face decides it isn’t), gangster chic, Caron Wheeler. £5.00

29.              The Face. Vol.2 No.32. London, 1991. Wendy James cover and article, boxing, Apache Indian. £5.00

30.              Festival Eye. No.1. London, 1986. 24pp. Includes a first -hand account (previously published in Fool's Gazette) of the previous year's somewhat one-sided 'Battle of the Beanfield'. Staples rusting, creasing. £20.00

31.              FLEXIPOP! No.25. London, 1982. Psychic TV cover & interview. Also: Bauhaus, Boy George, The Jam, Tears for Fears, Lords of the New Church, Cabaret Voltaire, Blue Rondo a la Turk, Haysi, Charge & Killing Joke. Wham! photostory ('Wham Women & Song'), Buster Bloodvessel models clothes from New Masters/Anne Smith, Johnson's, World's End & Boy. Bucks Fizz medley on the flexi. £20.00

32.              Industrial News. No.2. [London, June, 1979]. 16pp. Special issue compiled by Monte Cazazza & Tana Emmolo. The rarest of the three issues. Very minor wear. £100.00

33.              Industrial News. [No.3]. [London], 1979. 28pp. Throbbing Gristle production with band member profiles, lyrics, artwork etc. The strong humour of the group is well to the fore. Creasing. £75.00

34.              International Times. No.125. London, 1972. 52pp. Dylan cover & poem, underground cartoonists in conversation, pyramids, lesbians etc. Some creasing. £20.00

35.              Andy Warhol's Interview. Issue for September 1974. 48pp. Alfred Hitchcock by Warhol, Genevieve Waite by Warhol, Brian Eno, Small Talk, I Cover the Waterfront (mention of Patti Smith's debut 45). Tear to back cover, worn at creasefold. £20.00

36.              Andy Warhol's Interview. Issue for December 1974. 56pp. Cher at the Pierre with Warhol & David Geffen, Brooke Shields, Mae West by Anjelica Huston & Peter Lester, Walter Albini, Lauren Hutton on (or in) sneakers. Tear to cover, some fraying to edges. £20.00

37.              Ital Rockers. No.3. Edinburgh, 1978. 32pp. Dougie Thomson's reggae zine featuring Tapper Zukie, Ranking Trevor, news, reviews, etc. Minor wear. £25.00

38.               Jamming. No.9. London, [1979]. 40pp. The Fall, The Jam, Shrink, Selecter, The Pack, Rudi, reviews etc. Some creasing, stain on back cover. £20.00

39.               Jamming! No.10. London, [1979]. 44pp. Delta 5, Crass, Au Pairs, Damned, Girls at our Best, Religious Overdose, Breathers, Tribalism (part 2), letter from Mark E. Smith praising coverage of The Fall in the previous issue, Birmingham page, Security Risk, South London venue guide, DIY Record Discussion with various luminaries including Inner City Unit, Rough Trade etc. £20.00

40.               Jamming! No.11. London, [1980]. 32pp. Dead Kennedys, The Beat, Zeitgeist, Swiss Wave, The Shout, Birmingham pages, fanzines, reviews etc. Minor wear. £20.00

41.              Karen. No.2. [Rodbourne Bottom, 2006]. The second issue of Karen Lubbock's 'made out of the ordinary' magazine, scarcer variant with the pressed leaf. £25.00

42.              Karen. No.2. [Rodbourne Bottom, 2006]. The second issue of Karen Lubbock's 'made out of the ordinary' magazine. Minor creasing. £20.00

43.              Karen. No.3. [Rodbourne Bottom, 2007]. The third issue of Karen Lubbock's 'made out of the ordinary' magazine. Slightly bumped at lower right corner. £20.00

44.              Lather Rinse Repeat. No.1. [Leeds, 2006?]. 36pp. Das Wanderlust, DIY, knitting. Minor creasing. £5.00

45.              Maximum Speed. No.9. London, [1979]. 28pp. Leading Mod Revival zine featuring Secret Affair, news, reviews (incl. the Jam) etc. Some minor creasing. £20.00

46.              Mojo. No.75. London, 2000. Cult Heroes Special: Velvet Underground, Fred Neil, Big Star, La's. Also Steve Hanley & The Fall in 'Hello and Goodbye'. Minor creasing and wear. £5.00

47.              Mojo. No.196. London, 2010. Sly Stone, Syd Barrett, Captain Beefheart, Dr. Feelgood, Charlotte Gainsbourg. No CD. Minor Wear. £5.00

48.              NMX. No.6. Sheffield, 1979. 30pp. Local scene, Comsat Angels, ‘Make Your Own Record’ guide. Minor creasing. £20.00

49.              No.1. No.52. London, April 1984. 48pp. Morrissey & Ian McCulloch cover and joint interview, the times they were a-changin'. Minor creasing. £10.00

50.              Omni. New York, 1978. Article on 'Future Drugs' by Gene Bylinsky with Alexander Shulgin & Arnold Mandell interviews. Freeman Dyson is also interviewed although not about drugs. Minor creasing and wear. £10.00

51.              Op. ‘I’ Issue. Olympia, [1982]. 32pp. Newspaper format. ‘A publication of Lost Music Network, a nonprofit volunteer organization for the exchange of information and ideas about music’. Minor wear. £5.00

52.              Oz. No.27. London, 1970. 'Acid Oz'. Robert Crumb cover, 'The Acid Facts', interview with Love's Arthur Lee. Creasing. £25.00

53.              Oz. No.29. London, 1970. 'Cuntpower Oz'. Issue chiefly concerned with Women's Liberation. Creasing and spotting. £20.00

54.              Oz. No.33. London, 1971. Disturbing interview with Bodil Joensen by Ole Ege (the director of many of her bestiality films), Anarchist's Cookbook, Leary in Algiers, Richard Dadd, Jonathon Green, Charles Shaar Murray etc. Loose in staples, vertical creasefold, further creasing and wear. £15.00

55.              Oz. No.34. London, 1971. 'A Parents Guide to Drug Abuse' cover, exploitation of the Third World. Some creasing and minor wear. £20.00

56.              Oz. No.37. London, 1971. 'Angry Oz'. The first issue to appear after the obscenity trial. Cover torn and just about hanging on. £10.00

57.              Punk. No.10. New York, 1977. Newspaper format. Unfortunately missing pages 5/6 and 31/32. Blondie, Brian Eno, Suicide, CBGB benefit for Punk magazine. Worn at creasefold, good only. £10.00

58.              Q: Dylan. Maximum Bob! The Definitive Celebration of Rock's Ultimate Genius. London, 2000. 'Q Collector's Edition'. Bumped at spine. £5.00

59.              Q: Never Mind the Jubilee Here's the True Story of Punk! London, 2002. ''Q Special Edition'. Minor wear. £5.00

60.              Rave. London, July 1967. 'Britain's Most Influential Young Magazine'. Jimi Hendrix cover, music, fashion ('What To Wear in Spain' etc). Near fine. £25.00

61.              Rave. London, August 1967. 'Britain's In-Touch Pop Fashion Monthly'. Jimi Hendrix interview, music, drugs, fashion ('Clothes From Faraway Places' etc). Near fine. £25.00

62.              Rock On! No.3. London, July 1978. 32pp. Blondie colour centrefold, Poly Styrene & Pete Shelley (amongs others) choose their desert island discs, Rat Scabies, many more mainstream acts. Minor creasing and wear. £12.00

63.              Rock On! No.4. London, August 1978. 48pp. 'The Punk Trap - Who Got Caught?', the magazine predicts no future for the Damned or Billy Idol, Stranglers ('Rock's Sexist Pigs'), Clash interview, numerous other Metal & Rock acrs. Minor creasing and wear. £12.00

64.              Rock On! No.5. London, September 1978. 40pp. Bob Geldof & Paula Yates cover, Pete Shelley, Paul Weller, Ony Ones, Siouxsie. Centrefold of Thin Lizzy loose, minor creasing and wear. £12.00

65.              Rolling Stone. No.83. May 27, 1971. London edition. Country Joe McDonald, Nelsen Algren in Vietnam. Also features a disturbing report by Robert Greenfield about the suicide of a Top of the Pops dancer, 15 year old Claire Ufland, hinting at dark goings on at the programme where Jimmy Savile was the main presenter. They knew then. Worn at creasefold. £4.00

66.              Rolling Stone. No.90. September 2, 1971. London edition. George Harrison's concert for Bangla Desh, Oz Trial verdicts, Raoul Duke, The Last Picture Show. Worn at creasefold. £4.00

67.              Rolling Stone. No.93. October 4, 1971. London edition. Ike & Tina Turner, Les Cockettes, Sly Stone Madison Square Garden, Jajouka. Worn at creasefold. £4.00

68.              Rolling Stone. No.95. November 11, 1971. London edition. Famously features the first instalment of the serialisation of Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, with illustrations by Ralph Steadman. One page torn. £4.00

69.              Rolling Stone. No.98. December 23, 1971. London edition. Syd Barrett interview, Reverend Gary Davis, The Lyman Family. Worn at creasefold, tear. £4.00

70.              Rolling Stone. 1972, complete run. Nos. 99-124. London edition. Hunter S. Thompson (fear and loathing on the campaign trail) features heavily throughout. Also: Marlon Brando on the set of The Godfather, Kubrick and Burgess on A Clockwork Orange, Jerry Garcia, Marc Bolan, William Burroughs, David Bowie, MC5, Robert Greenfield on the Stones in America (‘the heaviest rock and roll tour ever’), Elvis in New York, Carolyn Cassady, Sam Peckinpah, Lou Reed, New York Dolls and a host of others. Worn at creasefolds, minor wear and tear. A very good reading set. G-VG. £100.00

71.              Rolling Stone. 15 issues from 1973. Nos. 125-128, 130-139, 141. London edition. Tom Wolfe, Captain Beefheart, Alice Cooper, James Taylor & Carly Simon, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Hunter S. Thompson at the Super Bowl, Bette Midler, Robert Mitchum on the set of Eddie Coyle, Dylan and Kristofferson on the set of Pat Garrett, Timothy Leary, Ann Charters on the Beats, ‘Sunday with Mister C. An Audio-Documentary by Andy Warhol starring Truman Capote’, death of ‘Pigpen’ McKernan, Stevie Wonder, Liza Minelli, Sonny & Cher, Tim Cahill infiltrates ‘The ‘Jesus Army’ (Tim Page photos) , Green Berets (more photos by Tim Page), Rod Stewart, Bernardo Bertolucci, Watergate Hunter S. Thompson (‘The End of the Campaign Trail’), Steadman Watergate cartoons, Paul Newman, Reggae & Jamaica, Vietnam Vets, Elton John, David Bowie. 141 back cover torn, else VG. £45.00

72.              Safe as Milk. No.4. London, [1979]. 24pp. The Cure, Cockney Rejects, Dave Waller, Desperate Bicycles, amusing spoof of the mainstream rock press fanzine reviews, letter from Paul Weller, reviews, etc. Minor creasing and wear. £25.00

73.              SHOOT! Shoot! 1977, complete run of 52 issues. London: IPC, 1977. The classic football magazine from another golden year. A treasure trove of news, player profiles, team & individual photos, match reports & other statistics, cartoons, 'star writers' etc. Excellent, bright condition. £225.00

74.              Smash Hits. No.1. London, November 1978. There was an unnumbered launch issue prior to this in September. Blondie cover, Buzzcocks, Grease, Boomtown Rats, Rose Royce, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Abba, Rezillos. Crossword & puzzles partially completed, creasing. £20.00

75.              Smash Hits. No.2. London, December 1978. Jam cover, Blondie poster, Elvis Costello, Grease, Sham 69, Public Image Ltd, Undertones, X-Ray Spex. Crossword completed, small coupon clipped, creasing. £20.00

76.              Smash Hits. No.3. London, January 1979. Boomtown Rats cover, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Buzzcocks, Rod Stewart, Boney M, Village People, Chic, Clash, Hot Gossip, Rezillos. Crossword completed, creasing. £20.00

77.              Smash Hits. Vol.4. No.8. London, 1982. Bananarama cover (Sheila Rock photo) & article, Adverts' Bored Teenagers lyrics in the request spot. £5.00

78.              Sniffin' Glue . . . and other rock'n'roll habits, for anybody who cares about 1977! No.6. Jan '77. 13pp. Edited by Mark P[erry] who also does the layout. Sex Pistols (the full version of an article by Perry published in Time Out magazine, photos), Eater, Generation X, Chelsea, Clash cover photo by Sheila Rock, other photos by Erica Echenberg, Harry T. Murlowski & Jill Furmanovsky, scene news and reviews including the first slew of fanzines that followed in Sniffin' Glue's wake. Rough Trade distribution sticker on back page, evidence of small sticker removal from front page, minor creasing. £125.00

79.              Sniffin’ Glue and other Rock ‘n’ Roll Habits . . . and anything to cause an uproar! No.9. London, 1977. 26pp, some printed on one side only. Cortinas, Damned, Models. Minor creasing and wear. £60.00

80.              The Story So Far. No.3. London, [1980]. 30pp. Joy Division, Mo-dettes, Clash, Daniel Miller, Dr Mix & the Remix interviews, reviews including Spizz, Cramps, Toyah & Barracudas. With the Mo-dettes flexi (which is usually missing). Creasing, minor wear. £30.00

81.              Strange Things are Happening. No.2. St.Albans, 1988. Iggy & the Stooges, Alan Moore, Wire, Creation Records, Richard Brautigan, Country Rock, Shamen, Giant Sand, Silver Surfer. Minor creasing and wear. £5.00

82.              Strange Things are Happening. No.3. St.Albans, 1988. Kathy Acker, Barbarella, Little Feat, Tiny Tim. Minor creasing and wear. £5.00

83.              Vague. No.9. Mere, 1981. 36pp. Tom Vague's idiosyncratic fanzine featuring Bow Wow Wow, Monochrome Set, Program, God's Toys, Wasted Youth, Classix Nouveaux. Some creasing. £30.00

84.              Wet: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing & Beyond. No.31. Santa Monica, 1981. 68pp. Elvis Costello cover, Amos Tutuola, Fabulous Beverly Hills People, people dressed in seafood clothing (squid bikinis) etc. Slightly bumped at foot of spine. £25.00

85.              ZG. No.8. London & New York, [1982]. 38pp. Folio. Edited by Rosetta Brooks & Josh Baer. 'Heroes' double issue. Jon Savage on Edie Sedgwick & Brian Jones, George Jones, Ali, Joseph Beuys, Julian Schnabel, Gilbert & George, Elvis, Debbie Harry, Barbara Kruger. Slightly worn at creasefold, some creasing. £35.00

86.              ZigZag. No.58. North Marston, 1976. Nick Kent & Blue Oyster Cult / Sandy Pearlman interviews. Minor creasing and wear. £10.00

87.              ZigZag. No.68. North Marston, 1977. Includes the Kris Needs supplement 'Over The Top!' focusing on Punk ('Instructions: Rip out this supplement and throw the rest away or keep the rest and throw this away . . . it’s up to you'). The main magazine features Jackson Browne, Graham Parker & Santana. The supplement, like a fanzine within the magazine, has a photo of Needs eating the sleeve of Hotel California, Patti Smith in London article, John Otway interview, reviews etc. There was to be no middle line. Minor creasing and wear. £10.00

88.              ZigZag. No.69. North Marston, 1977. Keith Richards cartoon cover and account of his trial at Aylesbury Crown Court for possession of LSD (acquitted) and cocaine (fined). Of course a more serious trial was just round the corner. Also Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne (again), Steve Hillage, Ry Cooder. Kris Needs’ input is limited to a review of David Bowie’s Low. £10.00

89.              ZigZag. No.70. North Marston, 1977. Iggy Pop cover & trivia quiz, Ry Cooder, Jackson Browne (yet again), Nils Lofgren. No contribution at all from Kris Needs although there is an uncomprehending review of the first Damned LP by Mac Garry in which he reveals that Dave Vanian was once infatuated with Magenta De Vine, who also worked on the magazine. Now you know. £10.00

90.              ZigZag. No.71. [Reading], 1977. Cherry Vanilla cover. Paul Kendall replaces Pete Frame as editor. Clash, Lou Reed, Rick Griffin. Includes the second issue of Kris Needs' 'Over The Top' supplement, concentrating on the New York New Wave. 'Well, we got through the second issue despite opposition from the hippies . . . still, we’re infiltrating – The Clash are in the main mag this month'. Light vertical creasefold, further minor creasing and wear. £10.00

91.              ZigZag. No.73. Reading, 1977. Sex Pistols cover & Rotten interview ('Anarchy in the Wimpy'), Ramones, Television, Tom Waits. Minor creasing and wear. £10.00

92.              ZigZag. No.74. Leighton Buzzard, 1977. More editorial musical chairs with Pete Frame back in the hotseat. Heartbreakers cover & article, Damned, Richard Hell, Generation X, MC5 (reprinted John Sinclair article), Mick Jones reviews the singles. Minor creasing and wear. £10.00

93.              ZigZag. No.75. Leighton Buzzard, 1977. Slits, Blondie, Boys, Hot Rods, Criminals, MC5. The cover also promises Subway Sect but they aren't in it. Minor creasing and wear. £10.00

94.              ZigZag. No.80. Leighton Buzzard, 1978. Bowie, Eno, Captain Beefheart, Crime, This Heat, Slits review. Creasing. £8.00

95.              ZigZag. No.90. Leighton Buzzard, 1978. PiL, Dennis Brown, The Worst, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Clash, Vice Versa, Ultravox, Zippers. £10.00

96.              ZigZag. No.95. Leighton Buzzard, July 1979. Wayne County, Kleenex, Psychedelic Furs, Cramps, Members, Destroy All Monsters, Prats, Gregory Isaacs. £10.00

97.              ZigZag. No.96. London, [December, 1979]. Back after the previous publisher went bust. PiL, Marianne Faithfull cover & article, Mo-dettes, Rico, Destroy All Monsters, Lenny Kaye, Damned, Jam, Clash, Embryo. Creased. £10.00

98.              ZigZag. No.97. London, 1980. Motörhead, Steve Jones & Paul Cook, Breaking Glass, Gary Numan, Talking Heads (Jerry Harrison), Ellen Foley, Cravats. Minor wear. £10.00

99.              ZigZag. No.98. London, 1980. Blondie, Swell Maps, 2-Tone, Joan Jett, Roadent. Minor wear. £10.00

100.          ZigZag. No.99. London, 1980. Psychedelic Furs, Nips / Shane MacGowan, Clash, Japan, NY scene, Toyah, Simple Minds, Barry Ford, Joe Jackson, NWOBHM. Minor wear. £10.00

101.          ZigZag. No.100. London, 1980. Basement 5, Killing Joke, Athletico Spizz 80, Only Ones, Guns For Hire, Newtown Neurotics, Joe Ely, Pinpoint. Minor wear. £10.00

102.          ZigZag. No.101. London, 1980. Siouxsie, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Suicide, Raincoats, Adam Ant, UK Decay, Stiff Little Fingers, Distractions, Tiswas, Robert Fripp, Magazine, Robert Fripp. Minor wear. £10.00

103.          ZigZag. No.103. London, 1980. Small Labels Catalogue '80, Vic Godard, Lydia Lunch, Discharge, Tenpole Tudor, Peter Gabriel, Grace Jones, Boys, Girlschool, Carpettes. Minor wear. £10.00

104.          ZigZag. No.104. London, 1980. Bob Marley, Buzzcocks, Cristina Monet, Altered Images, Feelies. Minor wear. £10.00

105.            ZigZag. No.111. London, 1981. Girlschool, Nico, Pop Rivets / Billy Childish, 4AD Records, Undertones, Gen X, Minnypops, Pylon, New York scene incl. Bush Tetras, Bongos, Fleshtones. Minor wear. £10.00