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  1.                  BECKETT, Samuel. MacGowran Speaking Beckett. Long-playing record. Claddagh Records CCT3, 1966. Musical accompaniment was provided by John Beckett (harmonium), Edward Beckett (flute) and Samuel himself (gong). Vinyl in fine condition, minor wear to sleeve. £25.00

2.                  BECKETT, Samuel (translates). RIMBAUD, Arthur. Drunken Boat: a translation of Arthur Rimbaud's 'Le Bateau Ivre'. Reading: Whiteknights Press, 1976. Brown wove cloth. One of 100 copies signed by Beckett out of a total edition of 300. Edited with an introduction by James Knowlson and Felix Leakey. University of Reading Department of Typography & Graphic Communication compliments slip loosely inserted. Fine. £950.00

3.                  BEHAN, Brendan. Sings Songs from 'The Hostage' and Irish Ballads. Long-playing record. Argo RG239, 1960. Vinyl and sleeve in excellent condition. £25.00

4.                  CLOCKTOWER PRESS. McLean, Duncan (edits). Complete set of the eleven Clocktower pamphlets. South Queensferry, Edinburgh & Stromness, 1990-1996. Comprising: (1) Meek, James & McLean, Duncan. Safe / Lurch, [1990]. Cover by Eddie Farrell, graphics by Olivia Irvine. Signed by McLean at his contribution. (2) McLean, Duncan. The Druids Shite It, Fail to Show, [1991]. Cover and graphics by Jane Hyslop. Signed by the author. (3) Various authors. Zoomers: very short stories, [1991]. Cover and graphics by Eddie Farrell. Work by Stefano Benni, Jim Ferguson, Gordon Legge, Duncan McLean, James Meek and Sandy Watson. Signed by McLean at his contribution. (4) Kermack, Alison. Restricted Vocabulary, [1991]. Cover and graphics by the author. (5) Welsh, Irvine. Past Tense: four stories from a novel, [1992]. Cover and graphics by Peter Govan. (6) Various authors. Parcel of Rogues, [1992]. Cover by Jane Hyslop, graphics by Eddie Farrell, Peter Govan and Alison Kermack. Work by Janice Galloway, M. Kalugerovich, James Kelman, Gordon Legge, David Millar, Iain Mills, Janet Paisley, Ian Walker, Billy Watt and Irvine Welsh. (7) Hodgson, Brent. Collected Works: three novels two lessons nine haikus and more, [1992]. Pictures by Andrew Parkinson. (8) Various authors. Folk: more zoomers, [1993]. Cartoons by Caroline Hunter. Further work by Jim Ferguson, Alison Kermack, Gordon Legge, Alan Warner and Irvine Welsh. (9) Crystal, David. The Beetle House, [1994]. Cover by Nigel Burch. (10) Aberdein, John. The Can-Can, Ken? A Dose o Dorics, [1996]. Cover by Duncan McLean (uncredited). Signed by the author. (11) Crump, Simon. My Elvis Blackout. Published in editions of 300 copies (save Parcel of Rogues, some of the 500 of which were later destroyed in a flood; [My Elvis Blackout,  number of copies unknown]). All fine in original wrappers. £250.00

5.                  [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. After Hours. No.2. Axbridge, 1979. 24pp. The Fall, Reptile Ranch, The Door & The Window, Dogma Cats, Rock Against Sexism. One of two staples missing, vertical crease, further creasing and minor wear. £20.00

6.                  [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Allied Propaganda. No.8. London, 1983. 28pp. The Fall, Shriekback, fanzines, reviews including New Order and 23 Skidoo. Creasing. £12.00

7.                  [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. bb Gun. No.7. Hoboken, 2004. 116pp. Breyer P-Orridge cover & article. Cover signed by Genesis & Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, with embossed 'Porridge with Everything stamp'. Numerous GP-O/PTV flyers & stickers loosely inserted. £30.00

8.                  [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. City Fun. Vol 2 No 29. Manchester, 1981. 12pp. Local news, reviews (including a scathing one of New Order at the Ritz). Interview with Mike Bartlett of Rochdale Free Press. A4 gig guide loosely inserted. Creasing. Other issues available. £10.00

9.                  [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Common Knowledge. No.1. London, [1979]. 36pp. An issue devoted to 'the politics of record distribution' with Mark Perry, Mayo Thompson & Desperate Bicycles interviews, Mekons, 'How to Make a Record' etc. Minor creasing and wear. £20.00

10.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. EG Newsletter. No.4. New York, 1981. 18pp. Brian Eno, Killing Joke, Lounge Lizards, Robert Fripp, Bryan Ferry, EG news. Minor creasing and staining. £20.00

11.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. "Enovations". Issue for Summer, 1979. Wallasey, 1979. 24pp. Minor creasing and wear. £20.00

12.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. "Enovations". Issue for 1981. Wallasey, 1981. 30pp. Minor creasing. £20.00

13.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. The Face. No.13. London, 1981. Bow Wow Wow/ Malcolm McLaren, Department S, Hazel O'Connor, Brion Gysin, Brian Setzer, Killing Joke, Grace Jones, 4AD Records, Russell Mills. Minor creasing. Other issues of The Face available. £15.00

14.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Festival Eye. No.1. London, 1986. 24pp. Includes a first -hand account (previously published in Fool's Gazette) of the previous year's somewhat one-sided 'Battle of the Beanfield'. Staples rusting, creasing. £20.00

15.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. FLEXIPOP! No.25. London, 1982. Psychic TV cover & interview. Also: Bauhaus, Boy George, The Jam, Tears for Fears, Lords of the New Church, Cabaret Voltaire, Blue Rondo a la Turk, Haysi, Charge & Killing Joke. Wham! photostory ('Wham Women & Song'), Buster Bloodvessel models clothes from New Masters/Anne Smith, Johnson's, World's End & Boy. Bucks Fizz medley on the flexi. £20.00

16.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. International Times. No.125. London, 1972. 52pp. Dylan cover & poem, underground cartoonists in conversation, pyramids, lesbians etc. Some creasing. £20.00

17.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Andy Warhol's Interview. Issue for September 1974. 48pp. Alfred Hitchcock by Warhol, Genevieve Waite by Warhol, Brian Eno, Small Talk, I Cover the Waterfront (mention of Patti Smith's debut 45). Tear to back cover, worn at creasefold. £20.00

18.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Andy Warhol's Interview. Issue for December 1974. 56pp. Cher at the Pierre with Warhol & David Geffen, Brooke Shields, Mae West by Anjelica Huston & Peter Lester, Walter Albini, Lauren Hutton on (or in) sneakers. Tear to cover, some fraying to edges. £20.00

19.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Ital Rockers. No.3. Edinburgh, 1978. 32pp. Dougie Thomson's reggae zine featuring Tapper Zukie, Ranking Trevor, news, reviews, etc. Minor wear. £25.00

20.               [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Jamming. No.9. London, [1979]. 40pp. The Fall, The Jam, Shrink, Selecter, The Pack, Rudi, reviews etc. Some creasing, stain on back cover. £20.00

21.               [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Jamming! No.10. London, [1979]. 44pp. Delta 5, Crass, Au Pairs, Damned, Girls at our Best, Religious Overdose, Breathers, Tribalism (part 2), letter from Mark E. Smith praising coverage of The Fall in the previous issue, Birmingham page, Security Risk, South London venue guide, DIY Record Discussion with various luminaries including Inner City Unit, Rough Trade etc. £20.00

22.               [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Jamming! No.11. London, [1980]. 32pp. Dead Kennedys, The Beat, Zeitgeist, Swiss Wave, The Shout, Birmingham pages, fanzines, reviews etc. Minor wear. £20.00

23.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Karen. No.2. [Rodbourne Bottom, 2006]. The second issue of Karen Lubbock's 'made out of the ordinary' magazine, scarcer variant with the pressed leaf. £25.00

24.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Maximum Speed. No.9. London, [1979]. 28pp. Leading Mod Revival zine featuring Secret Affair, news, reviews (incl. the Jam) etc. Some minor creasing. £20.00

25.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. NMX. No.6. Sheffield, 1979. 30pp. Local scene, Comsat Angels, 'Make Your Own Record' guide. Minor creasing. £20.00

26.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Oz. No.27. London, 1970. 'Acid Oz'. Robert Crumb cover, 'The Acid Facts', interview with Love's Arthur Lee. Creasing. £25.00

27.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Oz. No.29. London, 1970. 'Cuntpower Oz'. Issue chiefly concerned with Women's Liberation. Creasing and spotting. £20.00

28.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Oz. No.33. London, 1971. Disturbing interview with Bodil Joensen by Ole Ege (the director of many of her bestiality films), Anarchist's Cookbook, Leary in Algiers, Richard Dadd, Jonathon Green, Charles Shaar Murray etc. Loose in staples, vertical creasefold, further creasing and wear. £15.00

29.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Oz. No.34. London, 1971. 'A Parents Guide to Drug Abuse' cover, exploitation of the Third World. Some creasing and minor wear. £20.00

30.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Rave. London, July 1967. 'Britain's Most Influential Young Magazine'. Jimi Hendrix cover, music, fashion ('What To Wear in Spain' etc). Near fine. £20.00

31.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Rave. London, August 1967. 'Britain's In-Touch Pop Fashion Monthly'. Jimi Hendrix interview, music, drugs, fashion ('Clothes From Faraway Places' etc). Near fine. £20.00

32.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Rock On! No.3. London, July 1978. 32pp. Blondie colour centrefold, Poly Styrene & Pete Shelley (amongst others) choose their desert island discs, Rat Scabies, many more mainstream acts. Minor creasing and wear. Other issues available. £12.00

33.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Rolling Stone. 1972, complete run. Nos. 99-124. London edition. Hunter S. Thompson (fear and loathing on the campaign trail) features heavily throughout. Also: Marlon Brando on the set of The Godfather, Kubrick and Burgess on A Clockwork Orange, Jerry Garcia, Marc Bolan, William Burroughs, David Bowie, MC5, Robert Greenfield on the Stones in America ('the heaviest rock and roll tour ever'), Elvis in New York, Carolyn Cassady, Sam Peckinpah, Lou Reed, New York Dolls and a host of others. Worn at creasefolds, minor wear and tear. A very good reading set. G-VG. £100.00

34.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Rolling Stone. 15 issues from 1973. Nos. 125-128, 130-139, 141. London edition. Tom Wolfe, Captain Beefheart, Alice Cooper, James Taylor & Carly Simon, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Hunter S. Thompson at the Super Bowl, Bette Midler, Robert Mitchum on the set of Eddie Coyle, Dylan and Kristofferson on the set of Pat Garrett, Timothy Leary, Ann Charters on the Beats, 'Sunday with Mister C. An Audio-Documentary by Andy Warhol starring Truman Capote', death of 'Pigpen' McKernan, Stevie Wonder, Liza Minelli, Sonny & Cher, Tim Cahill infiltrates 'The 'Jesus Army' (Tim Page photos) , Green Berets (more photos by Tim Page), Rod Stewart, Bernardo Bertolucci, Watergate Hunter S. Thompson ('The End of the Campaign Trail'), Steadman Watergate cartoons, Paul Newman, Reggae & Jamaica, Vietnam Vets, Elton John, David Bowie. 141 back cover torn, else VG. £45.00

35.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Safe as Milk. No.4. London, [1979]. 24pp. The Cure, Cockney Rejects, Dave Waller, Desperate Bicycles, amusing spoof of the mainstream rock press fanzine reviews, letter from Paul Weller, reviews, etc. Minor creasing and wear. £25.00

36.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. SHOOT! Shoot! 1977, complete run of 52 issues. London: IPC, 1977. The classic football magazine from another golden year. A treasure trove of news, player profiles, team & individual photos, match reports & other statistics, cartoons, 'star writers' etc. Excellent, bright condition. £225.00

37.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Smash Hits. No.1. London, November 1978. There was an unnumbered launch issue prior to this in September. Blondie cover, Buzzcocks, Grease, Boomtown Rats, Rose Royce, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Abba, Rezillos. Crossword & puzzles partially completed, creasing. £20.00

38.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Smash Hits. No.2. London, December 1978. Jam cover, Blondie poster, Elvis Costello, Grease, Sham 69, Public Image Ltd, Undertones, X-Ray Spex. Crossword completed, small coupon clipped, creasing. £20.00

39.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Smash Hits. No.3. London, January 1979. Boomtown Rats cover, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Buzzcocks, Rod Stewart, Boney M, Village People, Chic, Clash, Hot Gossip, Rezillos. Crossword completed, creasing. £20.00

40.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Sniffin' Glue . . . and other rock'n'roll habits, for anybody who cares about 1977! No.6. Jan '77. 13pp. Edited by Mark P[erry] who also does the layout. Sex Pistols (the full version of an article by Perry published in Time Out magazine, photos), Eater, Generation X, Chelsea, Clash cover photo by Sheila Rock, other photos by Erica Echenberg, Harry T. Murlowski & Jill Furmanovsky, scene news and reviews including the first slew of fanzines that followed in Sniffin' Glue's wake. Rough Trade distribution sticker on back page, evidence of small sticker removal from front page, minor creasing. £125.00

41.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Sniffin' Glue and other Rock 'n' Roll Habits . . . and anything to cause an uproar! No.9. London, 1977. 26pp, some printed on one side only. Cortinas, Damned, Models. Minor creasing and wear. £60.00

42.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. The Story So Far. No.3. London, [1980]. 30pp. Joy Division, Mo-dettes, Clash, Daniel Miller, Dr Mix & the Remix interviews, reviews including Spizz, Cramps, Toyah & Barracudas. With the Mo-dettes flexi (which is usually missing). Creasing, minor wear. £30.00

43.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Vague. No.9. £30.00

44.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. Wet: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing & Beyond. No.31. Santa Monica, 1981. 68pp. Elvis Costello cover, Amos Tutuola, Fabulous Beverly Hills People, people dressed in seafood clothing (squid bikinis) etc. Slightly bumped at foot of spine. £25.00

45.               [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. ZG. No.8. London & New York, [1982]. 38pp. Folio. Edited by Rosetta Brooks & Josh Baer. 'Heroes' double issue. Jon Savage on Edie Sedgwick & Brian Jones, George Jones, Ali, Joseph Beuys, Julian Schnabel, Gilbert & George, Elvis, Debbie Harry, Barbara Kruger. Slightly worn at creasefold, some creasing. £35.00

46.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. ZigZag. Nos.68-79, complete run for 1977. North Marston, Reading & Leighton Buzzard, 1977. The arrival of Punk is heralded in Kris Needs' 'Over the Top' supplement in issue 68. Needs then comprehensively covers Punk in the ensuing issues. Cheap paper browning, minor creasing and wear. Numerous individual issues also available. £150.00

47.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. ZigZag. Nos.80-90, complete run for 1978. Cheap paper browning, some creasing and further minor wear. Numerous individual issues also available. £110.00

48.              [FANZINES & MAGAZINES]. ZigZag. Nos.91-96, complete run for 1979. Leighton Buzzard & London, 1979. Due to business problems no issues were published from August til the Christmas issue, hence the short run. Cheap paper browning, minor creasing and wear. Numerous individual issues also available. £75.00

49.              JOYCE, James. James Joyce Reading "Anna Livia Plurabelle". Cambridge: The Orthological Institute, [1929]. Original 78RPM shellac record. Joyce's second recording, an eight-and-a-half minute excerpt from the 'Anna Livia Plurabelle' section in Work in Progress. Spindle and pencil marks to one label, some scratches and other marks. Hard to grade as the crackle is strong but might be on all copies. £350.00

50.              LARKIN, Philip (reads and comments on). The Whitsun Weddings. Original long-playing record. Listen / Marvell Press, [1965]. Recorded in September 1964 and released in October 1965. Vinyl in excellent condition, plays well with slight crackle, notably at start of each side; minor creasing and wear to sleeve. £200.00

51.              MacNEICE, Louis. Reads Selected Poems. Long-playing record. Argo ARG2151, [1961]. Sleeve note by the poet. Some sleeve removal scuff marks and very minor scratches to vinyl, plays well. Minor creasing to sleeve. £30.00

52.              MAHON, Derek. Derek Mahon reads his poetry. Long-playing record. Dublin: Claddagh, 1973. Vinyl in excellent condition, light ringwear to outer sleeve which is also slightly bumped at the corners, one seam of inner paper sleeve splitting. £45.00

53.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. ADVERT, Gaye. Fiesta magazine, [1977]. Gaye appears, pseudonymously, in a six-page colour pictorial in 'Fiesta' adult magazine. The inside front cover also features Gaye. Minor creasing and wear. £45.00

54.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. BEEFHEART. Muir, John (edits). The Lives & Times of Captain Beefheart. Manchester: Babylon, n.d. 2nd edition (A4 size, the 1st is A5). Wrappers. 64pp. Collection of interviews, reviews, lyrics, photos etc. Minor creasing. £15.00

55.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. BEEFHEART. Barnes, Mike. Captain Beefheart: The Biography. New York: Cooper Square Press, 2002. An excellent copy in very slightly creased dust-jacket. £30.00

56.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. BLONDIE. Vintage mirror, [1978]. Colour image of Debbie Harry from the zebraskin photoshoot. 21x32cm approx. Wooden frame. £45.00

57.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. BLONDIE. Vintage Aspell Saggers mirror, 1979. 'Sunday Girl' colour image of Debbie. 25x19cm approx. Black plastic frame. £75.00

58.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. BURCHILL, Julie & PARSONS, Tony. 'The Boy Looked at Johnny': The Obituary of Rock'n'Roll. London: Pluto Press, 1978. First edition. Wrappers. Signed by the authors. Some water damage, principally to covers. £35.00

59.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. COON, Caroline. 1988: The New Wave Punk Explosion. London: Orbach & Chambers, 1977. First edition. Not to be confused with the Omnibus Press reprint. The slightly confusing title of this book refers to the last paragraph: "Whatever happens now, the force of punk rock will be felt in society at least until 1988 . . ." Lightly creased at top right corner throughout, worn at head of spine. £35.00

60.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. COPE. Julian. The Ur-Pagan: a propheteering companion. No.1. London: Head Heritage, 1995. 24-page magazine with articles and poetry by Cope, his wife Dorian and Paul Devereux. Together with a copy of Julian Cope Presents . . . Discover Avebury, an eight-page British Museum Friends leaflet from 2002, with text by Cope, Aubrey Burl & others. £25.00

61.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. CRASS. Exitstencil Press postcards, complete set. 12 cards with Gee Vaucher artwork. Minor wear. £225.00

62.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. CRASS. RIMBAUD, Penny (aka J. J. Ratter). Shibboleth: my revolting life. Edinburgh & San Francisco: AK Press, 1998. First edition, first issue with lower price. Wrappers. Inscribed by the author in capitals on the title-page: 'Because It Hurt And Still Does Love Pen'. The inscription also includes the Dial House phone number. Minor creasing. £150.00

63.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. CRASS. VAUCHER, Gee. Woman, [2007]. Original colour print, one of 100 numbered copies signed by the artist in pencil. The image was commissioned for the first issue of State of Play magazine to appear in 'The art resistance' ("a number of leading illustrators interpret the theme for this issue - 'give us liberty'"). Slight score and four light indentations on verso which possibly occurred during production. £300.00

64.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. DAVIES, Ray. X-Ray. London: Viking, 1994. First edition. Inscribed on the front free endpaper by the author: 'To Victoria Love, Ray Davies'. Minor wear to boards, minor marking & staining, cheap paper browning, creasing to dust-jacket. £45.00

65.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. FALCO, Tav & MORSE, Eric. Mondo Memphis. [London]: Creation Books, 2011. One of 75 numbered hardback copies with a print signed by Tav Falco (also 1/75 copies, a photo by E. Baffle of the Burnettes). One of the last Creation books to be published by the elusive James Williamson (vere Julian Hallett). Minor bumping and wear to some corners. £250.00

66.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. THE FALL. Original promotional badge, black butterfly [Better Badges, London, 1979]. 3cm diameter. Numerous other original punk era badges available. £15.00

67.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. FLANAGAN, Bill. Written in My Soul: Rock's Great Songwriters Talk About Creating Their Music. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1986. First edition. A few faint spots to top edge, else fine in price-clipped dust-jacket. An anthology of 27 interviews with various artists including Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Willie Dixon, Neil Young, Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Van Morrison and Tom Waits. £50.00

68.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. HAPPY MONDAYS. Match of the Day Elland Road June 1991 tour programme. 20pp. Cover by Central Station Design. Minor creasing and wear. £10.00

69.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. HENDRIX, Jimi. Stay Groovy Stay Free: Recorded Poems. Privately Printed, no place [London?], no date [1972?]. Wrappers. 112pp. Comprehensive lyrics collection with some photos. Some creasing and minor wear to the silver covers. £25.00

70.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. HIP HOP. Malone, Bonz. Hip Hop Immortals Volume One. First edition, 'limited' to 4750 copies. A thing of beauty, edited by Nichole Beattie. Very slightly bumped at two corners, else fine. £50.00

71.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. JETT, Joan. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. London: Arena Merchandising, October 1982. Colour fanzine that folds out into a large (33x23") poster of Joan's face. Minor creasing and wear. £20.00

72.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. JOY DIVISION. Unknown Pleasures: The life/work of Ian Curtis and Joy Division exhibition catalogue. Macclesfield: Silk Heritage Trust, 2010. French fold format. £20.00

73.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. McLAREN, Malcolm. 'Those Were The Days My Friend' fashion spread in Paul Raymond's Club International, 1973. 8 -page colour 1950s feature featuring clothes from 'Let it Rock'. Minor wear at foot of spine/lower cover corner. No loose pages as often found. £30.00

74.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. PALMER, Tony. Born Under a Bad Sign. London: William Kimber, 1970. First edition. Fascinating overview of the late Sixties music scene with stunning Ralph Steadman illustrations, an early commission. One corner slightly bumped, a very good copy in slightly creased and worn, price-clipped dust-jacket with a few closed tears and nicks. £25.00

75.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. POLY STYRENE. The Leveller. No.13. London, 1978. 36pp. Political magazine with Poly Styrene cover and interview. Also Reggae, National Front, Arthur Scargill. Minor creasing. £15.00

76.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. POP, Iggy. Original promotional poster for New Values and corresponding UK tour. Arista Records, 1979. Printed in black-and-white. Some creasing. £75.00

77.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. PRETENDERS. Pretenders Tour Book. Hollywood: EMMC, 1980. Wrappers. 16pp. Printed in colour with numerous photos. Programme for the US & UK tours. Fan Club membership form loosely inserted. Minor creasing. £20.00

78.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. PUNK. LYDON, John. Photographic print signed ('Johnny Rotten'). 10x15cm, printed in colour. Sheila Rock photo from the session used in 'The Face' magazine, December 1980. £75.00

79.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. PUNK. MORLEY, Paul. Original holograph live review of X-Ray Spex for Manchester fanzine Ghast Up, [1977]. 1½pp written on the verso of Victoria Wine accounting forms. The article is signed 'modest young', a moniker Morley apparently adopted after Julie Burchill had called him a 'modest young man' in a review of his Out There magazine. However when the piece was published he asked for it to be credited to 'Severn Upp'. £75.00

80.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. PUNK BOOK. Edwards, Alison & Holland, Glynis. Punk Rock Rules OK. Manchester: World Distributors. First edition. Wrappers. A blatant cash-in with lurid photos and unamusing captions. Some creasing and wear to covers. £20.00

81.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. REID, Jamie. The Illustrated Ape. No.15. London, 2003. Issue devoted to Reid - 'Special Limited Edition Includes 6 pull-out posters'. Fine in the original shrinkwrap which is slightly torn. £35.00

82.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. REID, Jamie (interview). Nude Magazine. No.4. London, 2004. Wrappers. Also: Sparks, Suicide Girls, Kid Acne, Anne Pigalle, London's Dancehall Reggae Scene. £10.00

83.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. REID, Jamie. Suburban Press stickers. [London]: Aquarium Gallery, 2007. Set of four gummed facsimile stickers originally produced in 1972: 'Last Days / Official Warning / Closing Down Sale / This store will be closing soon owing to the pending collapse of monopoly capitalism and the world wide exhaustion of raw materials', 'Save Petrol Burn Cars', 'Special Offer / This Week Only This Store Welcomes Shoplifters' and 'Keep Warm This Winter Make Trouble'. Fine in original envelope. £20.00

84.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. ROXY MUSIC. 'For Your Pleasure' Aspell Saggers promotional mirror, 1973. Original measuring 12" x 24" with the aluminium frame. Stunning. £250.00

85.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. ROXY MUSIC. The Roxy Music Songbook featuring the songs of Bryan Ferry. London: E.G. Music, 1973. First edition. Wrappers. Words and music for the first two albums, as well as 'Virginia Plain'. Colour cover with 8pp. of black-and-white photographs. Marks on rear cover, some creasing and wear, good. £25.00

86.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. SEDGWICK, Edie. BRODY, Neville. Original promotional poster for a UK showing of Ciao! Manhattan. Scala Cinema, London, [1982]. Designed by Neville Brody. Printed on both sides in black-and-white and red. 36x58cm approx. Minor creasing. £25.00

87.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. SEX PISTOLS. Match programme for Manchester City v Derby County, December 4th 1976. Unusual Pistols item that contains a half-page advertisement for the 'Anarchy' tour and single.  Mark E. Smith, Morrissey and Gillian from New Order were all at the game and were so inspired by the advert they formed bands that weekend. Team corrections. £20.00

88.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. SEX PISTOLS. Never Mind the Bollocks here's the Sex Pistols. Original long-playing record, Warner Brothers BSK3147, 1977. The first American pressing with the original promotional poster. Some scuff marks and light scratches to vinyl, some wear to printed inner and sleeve, poster fine. The poster, which measures 63x91cm, is the same Jamie Reid design as the one which accompanied early copies of the UK release. £150.00

89.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. SEX PISTOLS. Moorcock, Michael. The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle. London: Virgin, 1980. 24pp. First edition. Newspaper format. Designed by Pearce Marchbank. 'Collector's item'. Numerous pictures of the group interspersed with the novelisation of the film. More cash from chaos. Unfolded (unusually), a couple of minor nicks at edges. £45.00

90.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. SHAM 69. Original promotional badge 'Hey Little Rich Boy', [1978]. 1" diameter. Numerous other original punk era badges available. £15.00

91.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. TALKING HEADS. 'Ten Minutes with Talking Heads' in Oui magazine. Los Angeles, 1979. At turns amusing and awkward one page interview in which the group, mainly Tina, is quizzed by Oui about sex and drugs. Speaking later to Sounds after they reprinted the article, Tina said "she was out of her head after a party when the tape recorder was switched on, and when she saw the interview in print she didn't know whether to be more annoyed about being taken advantage of or about the fact that Oui had left all the best bits out, about butt-fucking and so on'". Some creasing. £20.00

92.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. THROBBING GRISTLE. Industrial News. No.2. [London, June, 1979]. 16pp. Special issue compiled by Monte Cazazza & Tana Emmolo. The rarest of the three issues. Very minor wear. £100.00

93.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. THROBBING GRISTLE. Industrial News. [No.3]. [London], 1979. 28pp. Throbbing Gristle production with band member profiles, lyrics, artwork etc. The strong humour of the group is well to the fore. Creasing. £75.00

94.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. THROBBING GRISTLE. Daniel, Drew. 33⅓: 20 Jazz Funk Greats. New York & London: Continuum, 2008. First edition. Wrappers. No.54 in the 33⅓ series. Signed by the group on the inner front cover. Some handling marks. £175.00

95.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. THROBBING GRISTLE. Flyer for the group's live performance at (Le) Poisson Rouge, New York, April 17th [2009], their only Manhattan appearance. 11x14cm approx. Printed in black-and-white. £15.00

96.               [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. THROBBING GRISTLE. Cosey Fanni Tutti 'magazine action' in Gala. 'Devil Woman'. Seven-page colour pictorial & story ('I'm Italian. My name's Maria, the name of Our Lady, but my mother said I should have been called something different, because I'm more like a devil than a saint'). Eagle-eyed Cosey watchers will spot this is the same set of pictures used for her appearance in Rustler the previous year, although there she's called 'Midnight'. Minor creasing and wear. Numerous other Cosey 'magazine actions' available. £50.00

97.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. WAITS, Tom. Programme for 'Rain Dogs' tour, 1985. 16pp. Includes photography by Anders Petersen, Anton Corbijn and Robert Frank. Creasefolds, further creasing, handling marks, indentation mark. £20.00

98.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. WAITS, Tom. True Confessions (a conversation with himself). [San Francisco]: X-Ray Book Co, 2008. First edition. Oatmeal wrappers printed in red. One of 5000 copies printed for the 2008 European Glitter and Doom Tour. Chapbook design by Johnny Brewton. Very minor creasing and wear. £150.00

99.              [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. WAITS, Tom. Seeds on Hard Ground. San Francisco: X-Ray Book Co, 2011. First edition. Brown wrappers. Poem by Waits. Chapbook designed by Johnny Brewton. One of 1000 copies of the first printing. The colophon states: 'First Edition Europe'. It is not stated how the 1000 were split between different territories. As new. £175.00

100.          [MUSIC BOOKS & EPHEMERA]. WILLIAMS, Hank. ESCOTT, Colin & FLORITA, Kira. Hank Williams: Snapshots from the Lost Highway. Oxford: Perseus, [2001]. First British edition. Fine in dust-jacket. £20.00

101.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. New Musical Express. 1977, complete run of 52 issues. Overall in very good, complete condition although two issues have torn covers. £550.00

102.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. New Musical Express. 1978, complete run of 51 issues. Overall in very good, complete condition. £550.00

103.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. New Musical Express. 1979, complete run of 51 issues. Overall in very good, complete condition. £450.00

104.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. New Musical Express. 1981, complete run of 51 issues. Overall in very good, complete condition although one issue has a closed 2cm tear throughout. £300.00

105.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. Sounds. 1977, complete run of 53 issues. Complete but varying condition (most very good but writing on 8 covers, tape repairs to 2 covers, some crosswords done, a few creased, a few foxed, a few tears, 7 coupons snipped, 2 pics snipped, 1 ragged at edge). £450.00

106.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. Sounds. 1978, complete run of 52 issues. Complete but varying condition (most very good or better but some torn and frayed). £450.00

107.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. Sounds. 1979, complete run of 52 issues. Overall in very good, complete condition, with a few nicks and tears.   £400.00

108.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. Sounds. 1980, complete run of 52 issues. Very good, complete condition. £400.00

109.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. Sounds. 1981, complete run of 51 issues [not published 14/11]. Overall in very good, complete condition [4 coupons cut, 2 pics cut out, name on some covers], with some nicks, tears and creases. £300.00

110.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. New Musical Express. 15/6/74. Keith Richards cover & Nick Kent interview. Letter from Morrissey ('Steve Morrissey 384 Kings Road Stretford Manchester'), his first to the music press, extolling Sparks' Kimono My House LP. A bit like Keith at the time this copy is torn and frayed. Numerous other individual issues of NME, Sounds, Melody Maker etc available. £12.00

111.          [MUSIC PAPERS]. New Musical Express. 27/12/75. First mention of Sex Pistols in print, an amusing report by Kate Phillips of the 'All Night Christmas Ball' at Queen Elizabeth College. According to the gig archive on the official Sex Pistols site this was the group's fourth gig (27/11/75). Unfortunately Kate missed the show [!] but she finds them "huddled against a far wall of the dance floor. They are all about 12 years old. Or maybe about 19, but you could be fooled. They're managed by Malcolm who runs 'Sex' in the Kings Road, and they're going to be the Next Big Thing . . . A jig band came on. The students broke into the Gay Gordons. 'What a monstrosity,' muttered a Sex Pistol gloomily". Sounds like? Cheap paper browning. £20.00

112.            RAYMOND, Derek. The unparalleled 'Factory' series with the first and fifth books signed as 'Derek Raymond' and the most celebrated, I Was Dora Suarez, inscribed as 'Robin Cook', the author's real name. London: Alison Press/Secker & Warburg, Scribners, Little, Brown, 1984-93. Complete set of the quintet comprising: (1) He Died with his Eyes Open. Alison Press/Secker & Warburg, 1984. First edition. Signed by the author ('Derek Raymond') on the title-page. Near fine in publisher's price-clipped dust-jacket. (2) The Devil's Home on Leave. Alison Press/Secker & Warburg, 1984. First edition. Near fine in dust-jacket. (3) How the Dead Live. Alison Press/Secker & Warburg, 1986. First edition. Near fine in dust-jacket. (4) I Was Dora Suarez. Scribners, 1990. First edition. Inscribed by the author, as Robin Cook, on the title-page. Excellent in slightly creased dust-jacket. (5) Dead Man Upright. Little, Brown, 1993. First edition. Signed and dated by the author on the title-page. Fine in dust-jacket. £500.00