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Punk. No.3. New York, 1976. 44pp. Ramones cover & article, David Johansen, Heartbreakers, Robert Crumb. Signed by the Ramones (Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy [& Mickey Lee, Joey's actual brother!], Talking Heads (Byrne, Frantz, Harrison & Weymouth [as 'Martina Weymouth'] & two of the Stranglers (Burnel & Greenfield 'Ever been to Liverpool? Fuck ole Americans'). The Ramones and Talking Heads signatures are on the Ramones centrefold and the Stranglers on the rear cover. The signatures were obtained at Eric's Club, Liverpool in 1977. UK price sticker on front cover and Rough Trade distribution sticker on back cover. Centrefold has at some point, not recently, been carefully removed from the staples, folded and then returned. Minor creasing and wear.                                              £650.00